Admitted International Students - Housing and Packing List

Housing and Packing List

Admitted International Students


On-campus housing is provided for undergraduate students. If you are arriving prior to international student orientation, please visit Discover Newport to find accommodations.

Salve Regina does not offer graduate housing. If you are a graduate student, you will need to find accommodations off campus. You may wish to look at the real estate listings for Newport on craigslist, Apartment List or Apartment Search.

You should anticipate paying at least $900-$1,000 per month excluding utilities (electric, gas, cable, phone) if you are sharing an apartment. If you choose to live by yourself in a furnished apartment, anticipate paying at least $1,600 per month excluding utilities.

For more information about off-campus housing, visit our off-campus living webpage.

Packing List

Salve Regina students dress casually for classes. Attire varies from shorts, T-shirts, skirts and thin blouses for hot weather to long trousers, jeans, warm shirts, jackets and coats for cold weather. There are special occasions for which formal attire is needed. For example, some students wear business attire for classroom presentations.

During September, the weather is mild. It becomes cooler during October and November. Winter (December through March-April) can be quite cold and snow is common. The snow usually melts and falls again several times during winter. The temperature moderates in March or April, and it is likely to rain during this time. Spring comes in late April or May. By June, the temperature reaches summer levels.

Residence hall rooms are furnished with the following items (one per student): extra-long twin bed, closet or wardrobe, bureau, desk and chair. Sheets, blankets and pillows are not provided by the University. Please note that the bed size is 92 cm by 203 cm by 18 cm.

Below is a list of items that students have found to be a valuable packing reference. You will need these over the course of the year, but they can be purchased upon your arrival. There will be a shopping trip during international student orientation.

What to Bring

Comfortable trousers, casual shorts, T-shirts and polo shirts, casual shirts, dress shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts, casual dresses, dress shoes, casual shoes, tennis shoes, hiking/sports shoes, flip-flops and sandals, rain jacket, light jacket, winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots, sportswear and equipment. We also recommend that you bring at least one traditional/national outfit.

Some international students and scholars keep their current phone and insert a SIM card. You will receive a SIM card in the package you receive with your immigration documents. Others choose to purchase a phone once here in the U.S. Selecting a phone plan may require some research. Check with other students and colleagues, particularly those from your home country, for suggestions.

In the U.S., most cell phone companies have one- or two-year contracts. Most plans give you unlimited data, minutes and texts per month, but you should check your plan for details.

You may want to consider a pre-paid plan, which is offered by all companies. Although these plans tend to be more expensive than year-long contracts, they may be a good option while you are still figuring out your phone habits and which companies your friends use. Please be aware that many companies charge high deposit fees for students without a Social Security number.

Audio and Video Chat Options

  • Jitsi Meet - Private video chat with no account required.
  • Wire - Secure calls, texts and video chat on Android, iOS, desktop or Web browser.
  • Signal - Secure calls, texts and video chat on Android and iOS.
  • GNU Ring - Multi-platform audio, video and text chat.

It may be more appropriate to purchase electronic appliances in the United States because of difference voltage requirements as well as shapes of electrical wall outlets. Please note that the voltage in the United States is 110-120.

Toiletries (enough to last until you find out what you like here), medicines (enough to last until you find out what you need here), umbrella, book bag and backpack or day pack (for carrying books, hiking or biking).

Certain technical or undergraduate books in your language which you may need and which may not be available here and a dictionary for your language and English. The Salve Regina bookstore can also order books for you. We also recommend that you bring a dictionary from your country.