Admitted International Students - Getting to Newport

Getting to Newport

Admitted International Students

Your I-20 will indicate the latest date by which you should report to Salve Regina, which is generally the first day of international student orientation. If you need to arrange off-campus housing, you should arrive in advance of this date to allow enough time to locate suitable accommodations before orientation and registration.

If your plans change and you decide not to attend Salve Regina, return your I-20 to our office and notify us of your decision. If you wish to defer your admission to a subsequent semester, you will need to put the request in writing when you contact us.

Your passport must be valid for travel to the United States and be valid for at least six months after your proposed date of entry into the United States.

Travel Arrangements

Ideally, your travel arrangements should bring you to Newport directly or to the Providence or Boston airports. To ensure that you have a spot in the shuttle to Newport, please complete the international student orientation registration form.


You can reduce your luggage by mailing some of your belongings to Salve Regina ahead of time. Please contact us to make arrangements prior to shipping any packages.

As you travel through the United States, there are a few things to consider. Many stations will have baggage handlers and other helpers available. It is customary to tip these people around $2 per bag handled.

You should make sure you have small U.S. bills ($1, $5, $10) to meet these needs. You should consider having at least $500 in cash. You will also need to pay cash for any taxi service and some shuttle services. At most transportation stations, tickets can be paid for with credit cards. Some stations are not staffed – you will find adequate information posted at these sites, but no one to answer questions.

Traveling by Air

Salve Regina provides one-time shuttle service from the Amtrak train station in Providence, Rhode Island. You can use Uber or Lyft to get to the station. Please complete the registration form if you want to take the shuttle. If you cannot make the shuttle, you will need to find alternate transportation to Newport.

If you fly into Boston, you will need to get to Providence if you want to use the shuttle. A taxi, Uber or Lyft from Boston to Newport is expensive and not recommended.

Traveling by Train

There are Amtrak train stations in most major cities. If traveling by train, you should make Kingston, Rhode Island your final destination.

Important Contact Information