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Global Ambassadors are a valuable resource for students who are researching study abroad programs. Global Ambassadors are current Salve Regina students who've completed one of the University's approved study abroad programs. They are happy to share their experiences and answer questions. It's a great way to get the student perspective and ask questions that only those who've been there can answer.

Danielle Abril

Danielle Abril

Major: Elementary and special education, minor in Spanish
Study abroad location: Spanish Studies Abroad, Sevilla

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Forming relationships with my host parents and community, learning Spanish and challenging myself in a different language.

Everyone's experience is different and studying abroad is what you make it.

To take advantage of a travel experience and adapting to a new culture and place. To learn more information about the world around us.

Isabella Ares

Isabella Ares

Major: Biology
Study abroad location: American University of Rome

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One of my most meaningful experiences was volunteering with ASCS: Scalabrinian Agency for Development Cooperation at Casa Scalabrini. This is a housing and community support project based in Rome that takes in up to 30 refugees at a time. They promote autonomy and integration, and provide a welcoming environment for refugees. I volunteered in a neighborhood cleanup alongside the refugees and got to hear their stories, which was eye-opening and rewarding.

I wish people knew that studying abroad is unique to each individual. There is no "right way" to do it. You get to forge your own path. You don't have to visit a new country every weekend, make sure to explore the city you are living in.

Salve students should study abroad to gain perspective on the world and other cultures. Here in Newport, we have a very specific culture. It's important to be able to work with and understand people from other cultures, and studying abroad is an amazing way to help develop a global mindset.

Frankie DeSario

Francis "Frankie" DeSario

Major: Finance
Study abroad location: American University of Rome

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Becoming part of a community which I was entirely foreign to and learning the basics of the Italian language along the way. While this is a generalized experience, this was the most meaningful experience to me.

I wish they would be able to understand the intensity of the differences which are present when studying abroad. The way of life is completely different, including cultural norms and values -- this could be immensely difficult to deal with. It is vital to understand that you will have to mold your daily life around these changes, which is part of the experience. It is a beautiful thing, and you will have to "fake it till you make it" in the beginning -- all of the bumps in the road are entirely worth it.

Simply, it is the greatest call to adventure a student in modern times can pursue. The experiences you will have, people you will meet, confidence you will build and things you will learn -- is unmatched to anything you will ever learn within the classroom.

Sarah Kraus

Sarah Kraus

Major: History, minor in cultural and historic preservation
Study abroad location: University College Cork, fall 2022

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I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet my extended family in County Mayo, Ireland. It was incredible to see where my family came from and to learn about my heritage.

It is one of the most fulfilling learning experiences you can possibly have. Not only do you learn a great deal about your host country and the world in general, but you learn so much about yourself as well.

Studying abroad is an incredible way to broaden your horizons and make your world seem a bit smaller. Being able to connect with your peers from around the world is such an enriching experience and I would highly recommend it.

Avalon Morris

Avalon Morris

Major: Biology, minor in neuroscience
Study abroad location: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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Aside from the constant experience of understanding other cultures, hearing people that I met abroad tell me how I changed their lives was very memorable.

There is plenty of culture shock and feelings of being uncomfortable or not belonging, but at the end of the day, people are people, and no matter the country you can connect and find ways to get by through the underlying human connection.

There are many options to choose from and it was very easy to work out the process of going abroad.


Aoife Rouse

Major: History and secondary education
Study abroad location: CEA Prague, Czech Republic, spring 2022 

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I did not realize how close I would become with the friends I met in class at university and through my CEA program. I went to Prague not knowing a single person and am walking away with lifelong friends. My friends from study abroad and I have traveled the world and been there for each other in times when you are vulnerable and in another country alone. I never would have thought that the friendships I would make would be so close but I think that having friends from around the country and the world is such a valuable aspect of study abroad. The memories that the five of us shared are countless and will stay with me forever. I would encourage other people to make connections and fully throw themselves into getting to know the people they meet as they travel.

How fast it goes! I feel like I finished my application, got my visa and by the time I was sitting on the plane to go I had a "this is really happening" moment. Being there for four months was the longest I have been away from home. I was worried about missing my family and just daily life without American luxuries. However, once you get there, you are immersed in a new culture that's totally different than the one you have experienced before. I was so glad I was there for four months because if I hadn't been there so long, I wouldn't have been able to have the feel for the city that I had. I became a regular at the cafe down the street, the florist on the corner knew I would get flowers for weeks when we weren't traveling, and I could get anywhere on the city using a combination of any or all three forms of public transit. All these things are experiences that seem mundane but they are things that really make you feel like you are living in another country.

People should know that they are never going to have the opportunity to study abroad like when they are studying in college. Being able to experience a new country while being able to take classes in a new environment and teaching style is such a cool thing. College is a time for exploring and being able to enter an environment so different and for a period of time where you truly begin to feel like a local is so special. The saddest part of study abroad is the ending because you know you have experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity. I think applications for programs, visas and the logistics can sometimes scare people from studying abroad but even though there are some applications it is so worth it. Salve Regina has great resources and it was not a crazy process, especially with support so I really think that there is no reason not to study abroad.

Madeline Walent

Madeline Walent

Major: Studio art (concentration in illustration), minor in art history
Study abroad location: St. Clare's (Oxford)

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While I was in England, I turned 20, and my friends went out of their way to make my birthday special. It made me realize that even though I had only met these people a few months ago, they were going to be in my life for a very long time. We are connected by this shared experience that not everyone has the privilege of encountering. The people I met while studying abroad are by far the most incredible part of my time there and I wouldn't change a single thing.

Put fear aside. The best things are on the other side of fear. Before you embark on your semester abroad, everyone around you is going to tell you that it will change your life. Personally, I was skeptical of the dramatic language being used around the experience and I was scared to leave my home and family. Fear is normal and human, but we can't let that stop us because studying abroad will absolutely change you in all the best ways. It expands your worldview and gives you relationships that you won't find here in the United States. The more you put into your experience, the more you will get out. Say yes to as many trips and adventures as you can while you're there. Jump out of your comfort zone as much as possible.

As Salve Regina students, we are blessed with the opportunity to go abroad. If you are able to take advantage of this, do it! Again, don't let fear bar you from something as incredible as this.