Caitlin Kelly

Admissions Counselor, Admission

Contact Information:

Garden Level


B.A. in communications

Areas of Expertise:

Visual and performing arts liaison

Personal Statement:

My favorite thing about being an admissions counselor at Salve is working with prospective students and families. I love learning their stories. Looking at colleges is a lot to take on and I remember being quite overwhelmed when I started my college search. My goal is to help eliminate some of the stressors associated the college process and to support students with these big decisions.

My advice for students looking at colleges is to visit the school and to do your research. Make sure that the school you are considering has your academic program, but also look into the campus life as well. Most schools will list all the clubs and activities that they offer on their websites, and this is a great way to get a sense of the campus environment. Your student clubs and activities not only give you a way to pursue your interests, but they also provide opportunities for leadership, and are where you will meet your closest friends.

We hope that you are excited to apply, get involved and become a thriving member of the Seahawk community!