Embedded Tutoring Partners Program

Embedded Tutoring Partners

Academic Center for Excellence

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) supports the development of undergraduate learners and study skills. The embedded tutoring partners program allows ACE to extend our services directly into the classroom and offer learning experiences designed specifically to support student learning in your course. 

What Do Partners Do?

Partners are peer tutors who can:  

  • Provide regularly designated hours outside of class to review for exams, study materials or develop writing.  
  • Attend class on days that assignments are presented or on exam review days to gain an awareness of the professor’s expectations and content (where applicable). 
  • Collaborate with faculty to develop customized, interactive workshops to support writing-based projects and assignments and/or study skills necessary to succeed in your course or on other content topics. 
  • Co-facilitate in-class revision/peer-review or co-facilitate textbook literacy/other prerequisite skills. 
  • Share information specific to your assignments, requirements and expectations with all other tutors (where applicable) so that your students can get support in ACE at times that work for them. 

How Do I Request a Partner?

  • Faculty request partners from ACE before the semester begins. The tutor coordinator will meet with you to outline partnership ideas, expectations and upcoming semester assignments.  
  • Workshops and partner visits to your course are available by request when possible. Please give ACE two weeks to plan a workshop, or work with ACE before the semester begins to integrate workshops into your syllabus. Because partners work with multiple courses, and because ACE staff oversee workshop design, we appreciate advance notice. We understand that sometimes schedules change and that the needs of students might require workshops with less notice. While we are happy to be flexible, please understand we may not be able to meet last-minute requests. 

What Does the Program Expect From Faculty Who Participate?

Faculty members who work with partners should:  

  • Make time to communicate regularly with partners to discuss and plan upcoming workshops and student writing needs throughout the semester.
  • Always be present when the partner attends class or delivers material. Partners are not instructors and cannot facilitate your course in your absence. 
  • Integrate workshops into the learning/writing process in support of specific assignments. Workshops delivered by partners are interactive learning experiences that engage writers in authentic ways, allowing students to immediately practice and apply the skills of the workshop to a specific assignment or upcoming exam.