McAuley Institute for Mercy Education

McAuley Institute for Mercy Education

The McAuley Institute for Mercy Education advances the vocation of Salve Regina through the development of interdisciplinary research, teaching and University initiatives that foster an ethic of dialogue and action around the critical concerns of mercy and contribute to the development of the Catholic intellectual tradition and mercy, Catholic higher education in the 21st century.

Voices of Mercy

Voices of Mercy

Each year, the McAuley Institute invites one faculty member, one staff member, one student and one graduate to reflect on their vocational journey as a person of mercy, responding to the question: “What matters to me and why?”

Faculty collaboratives

Critical Concern Faculty Collaboratives

These two-year collaboratives bring together faculty from across academic departments to mutually advance interdisciplinary teaching, research and/or University initiatives related to the critical concerns of mercy.

Mercy faculty forum

Mercy Faculty Forum

Through the Mercy Faculty Forum, a four-part mission integration series, faculty are invited to discuss shared readings and consider the ways in which their own research, teaching, service and leadership contribute to and advance Salve Regina’s mission.

Mercy leadership colloquium

Mercy Leadership Colloquium

A mission integration series for Salve Regina administrators and staff to engage with resources from the Catholic tradition, vocationally reflect on their lived experiences, and cultivate practices of mercy leadership across campus.

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The Catholic Intellectual Tradition

The Catholic Intellectual Tradition: A two-year project fostered by the Office of Mission Integration, "The Catholic Intellectual Tradition" explores the mutual correlation between faith and reason, a sacramental vision affirming the potential of an academic discipline to reveal the sacred, reverence for the dignity of each human being as one created in the image of God, and openness to the mystery inherent in an evolving, unfinished creation.

Echoes of Mercy

Created by members of the Salve Regina community, this poetry collection highlights mercy as an ideal, experience or practice. Each poem's powerful word images portray thoughtful reflections and shine creative light on the concept of mercy.

Mercy Illuminates

The title of this volume of essays, "Mercy Illuminates," is taken from a symposium held in 2008 in celebration of Salve Regina's 60th anniversary. While most of the essays were presented that day, the epilogue is a paper presented by the late Sister Leona Misto at the 2008 Conference of Mercy Higher Education.

Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

Modern Catholic social teaching has been articulated through a tradition of papal, conciliar and episcopal documents. The depth and richness of this tradition can be understood best through a direct reading of these documents. In a series of brief reflections, several of the key themes that are at the heart of Catholic social tradition are highlighted.

Mercy and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

In 2014, the Office of Mission Integration called for papers on the topic of "Mercy and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition." Three faculty abstracts were selected and resulted in a presentation at a 2015 symposium.

Living Mercy

Living Mercy

A collection of essays, that honor the sense of vocation and this spirit of mercy that has enlivened and guided the University for the last 75 years. Inspired by the accomplishments of the past and looking forward to the call of the future, these essays provide a starting point for University-wide conversations to support Salve Regina in discerning how it will move into the increasingly complex challenges of the future.

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