ACE Student Employment

Student Employment

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Writing consultants and subject tutors are sophomores, juniors and seniors who facilitate one-on-one, small group and large group tutoring sessions with their peers.

Writing Consultants

Writing tutors assist students with a variety of tasks related to writing, at all stages of the writing process and across the curriculum. Sessions may include support in understanding the assignment, brainstorming, locating sources, outlining, development, structure, documentation of sources, building proofreading skills, etc. Writing tutors do not serve as an editing or proofreading service.

After training and one semester of tutoring, writing tutors may become writing partners. Writing partners are paired with specific courses to extend Writing Center services directly into the classroom and offer learning experiences designed specifically to support student writing in those courses.

Subject Tutors

Subject tutors support students in learning content in their courses. These sessions may include review of course material covered in class, foundational skills needed for course success, and course-specific organizational and study habits. Subject tutors do not assist students with their homework assignments.

After training and one semester of tutoring, subject tutors may participate in the partners program. Partners are paired with a course or related courses (biology partner, nursing partner, math partner) to aid in learning and study skill development.


  • Cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher
  • Ability to attend training in the following semester
  • Ability to work 3-8 hours per week throughout the academic year
  • Recommendations from two or more faculty members

Position Responsibilities

  • Facilitating one-on-one, small group and large group tutoring sessions with students
  • Engaging in professional development throughout each semester
  • Attending one-on-one or group staff meetings with supervisor
  • Creating, revising and updating tutoring resources for use during sessions
  • Contributing to ACE operations and maintaining notes in Tutortrac related to tutoring activities
  • Collaborating with ACE’s professional and student staff to foster a thriving and active support environment
  • Conducting oneself with kindness, courtesy and a professional demeanor at all times
  • Embodying both the institutional and departmental missions

Tutors may occasionally be asked to:

  • Promote ACE services through classroom visits and information tables
  • Provide support in classrooms through varying programs
  • Provide support through workshops in ACE and other campus locations
  • Participate in peer academic coaching, where students receive support in study skills regardless of the subject

How to Apply

Interested students must submit the tutor application and obtain two faculty recommendations to be considered for the position. Students may apply to become a cross-trained tutor for both writing and subject tutoring and must obtain three faculty recommendations if applying for both. Applicants will be interviewed by the Writing Center coordinator and/or tutor coordinator before being accepted for the position. New tutors also must register for and complete a training workshop for credit. After completing a set number of tutoring hours and additional training, tutors are also eligible for College Reading and Learning Association tutoring certification.

Tutors provide their supervisor(s) with a list of available hours and reliable contact information at the beginning of their employment and update the information as needed. Tutors work an average of four hours (but cannot work more than eight hours) per week; hours beyond eight must be approved in advance by a supervisor. If a tutor is scheduled for certain hours in ACE, they are responsible for finding replacements for their scheduled hours and must inform their supervisor of any changes to the schedule. In the event of illness or other unplanned absence, tutors are required to phone ACE as early as possible to alert them to the situation so that appointments can be rescheduled.