Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Academic advising provides you with the opportunity to build a relationship with your advisor in order to plan your educational career, foster the skills needed for academic success, and learn how to access the variety of resources and services available to you on campus.

Academic advising is a collaborative educational process in which you partner with your advisor to meet essential learning outcomes, ensure academic success and achieve personal, academic and career goals. This partnership requires the participation and involvement of both you and your advisor, as it is built over your entire educational experience at the University. Both you and your advisor have clear responsibilities for ensuring the advising partnership is successful.

Vision statement: To ensure that all students receive high quality, personalized academic advising such that all students feel valued and are able to accomplish their educational goals.

Mission statement: Academic advising at Salve Regina is an integral part of our teaching mission that provides students with foundational support to think clearly and make responsible choices about their academic program in order to reach educational, personal and career goals. Advisors will provide students with timely and accurate informational resources. Students, working with faculty advisors, will develop an academic and career plan and enhance their ability for sound decision-making and lifelong learning. Advisors will make referrals as needed to aid all students in their development as scholars and as individuals in service of harmony, justice and mercy.

Who is My Advisor?

Declared majors: Upon entering the University, all students are assigned to at least one advisor. If you have declared a major, you will be advised by a full-time faculty member from the major of your choosing. New students who indicate a preference for a specific major are assigned an advisor in their major who is trained to respond to the needs of first-year students.

Undeclared majors: Exploratory students are those who wish to explore various courses of study before deciding on a major. If you are an exploratory student, you will be assigned to the first-year academic advisor, who is trained to help you consider your options in order to choose a program of study that best fits your interests, skill set and goals. Once you declare your major, you will be reassigned to a faculty advisor from your major. Learn more about being an exploratory student.

You must declare your major by the time you complete 60 credits at Salve Regina. You may also change your major, add a second major and/or add or change a minor. You will need to meet with a faculty member from your new academic program before declaring a major or minor.

Once you have declared a major, you will be assigned to an advisor by the chair of your academic department and the registrar, and will receive an email notification from the Office of the Registrar. Depending on your academic plan, you may have more than one advisor.

You can also find your advisor's name and email address in My Salve. Click "Student Planning," then "Go to Plan and Schedule," then "Advising."

If you are having second thoughts about your major, please meet with Hannah Cazzetta, academic advising coordinator, to discuss your options. You may change your major, add a second major and/or add or change a minor. You will need to meet with a faculty member from your new academic program before declaring a major or minor.

New students: The advising team will connect you with Canvas, an online platform to guide you through registration. You will also meet with your assigned summer advisor to register for classes. Please check your email or email with questions.

Current students: During the semester, you will be assigned a registration time by the Office of the Registrar. Contact your advisor for assistance with planning courses for the upcoming semester. You are strongly encouraged to meet with your advisor regularly to review requirements and timeline of courses.

You can plan and register for courses in My Salve (click "Student Planning"). "My Progress" holds your academic evaluation and is where you search for courses. "My Plan and Schedule" is where you register for courses after you have planned them. Instructions on planning and searching for courses are in the portal under "Instructional Materials," then "More Videos and Documentation."