134 Webster St.

134 Webster St.

Upper-Level Housing

Situated on the edge of campus near Miley Hall, 134 Webster St. accommodates upper-level students in apartment-style housing. This co-ed residence is comprised of three individual apartments, each with its own common room and kitchen.

As the former carriage house and stables for several Ochre Point estates, 134 Webster St. offers a unique living environment. Bedrooms vary in shape and size and feature a mix of singles, doubles and quads, some with private bathrooms.


Residence type: Upper-level housing

Room type(s): Singles, doubles and quads

Apartment amenities: Shared common rooms and kitchens


Co-ed by apartment

Private backyard



Fun fact:

Built in the 1890s, 134 Webster St. was designed by the architectural firm of McKim, Mead & White.