Student Insurance

Tuition Refund Insurance

Salve Regina offers an insurance plan that guarantees a tuition and room and board refund in cases of physical illness (90 percent reimbursement) and mental illness (90 percent reimbursement) any time during the semester. This plan covers the academic year and is independent of the University. Applications are mailed to all full-time students during the summer.

The premium for this insurance plan varies from year to year but is generally approximately 1 percent of tuition (commuters) or 1 percent of tuition and room and board (resident students) and is billed and payable each semester. You must enroll in the plan before the first day of classes each semester.

All first-time freshmen will be automatically signed up for this insurance, and the charge will be listed on the fall and spring tuition statements. Students have the option to waive this insurance by completing the online form at Waivers must be completed prior to the start of the semester. Waivers completed after that date will not be accepted and the student will be responsible for the charge in full. This waiver only applies to first-time freshmen; all other full-time undergraduates have the option to purchase the insurance prior to the start of the semester. Policies purchased in the fall will be automatically renewed for the spring, and the charge will be reflected on the spring tuition statement. Cancelling a renewed plan must also be done prior to the start of the spring semester.

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Student Medical Insurance

Students and parents are urged to consider their health insurance coverage a top priority. It is important that students have access to comprehensive medical care while enrolled at Salve Regina. Therefore, all full time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the University's Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan for coverage effective Aug. 15, 2016 to Aug. 15, 2017. Each student's account will be charged the $2,162 annual insurance premium.

The Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan is serviced by University Health Plans and underwritten by the Security Mutual Life Insurance Company. Claims are paid by Consolidated Health Plans.

Should you wish to waive the insurance and fee, follow the instructions below. If you are considering waiving Salve Regina's Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan, please note that some insurance plans are restrictive and may leave students essentially uninsured while away at school. This could result in you incurring substantial out-of-pocket costs for medical care. In evaluating your plan, you should verify the following:

  • My plan provides adequate coverage that is accessible in the Newport area for: Lab tests and x-rays, prescription drugs, hospitalization (including room and board, physicians' fees and surgical expenses), outpatient hospital services, mental health care, emergency room care and intercollegiate sports injuries (for those participating).
  • My plan provides coverage to students over the age of 19.
  • My plan will cover me through Aug. 15, 2017.
  • My plan does not have a high deductible that needs to be met before I am allowed to access coverage.

Waiver Process: Participation in the Salve Regina Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan is mandatory unless you are enrolled in another comparable health insurance plan. If you choose to waive, you will need to provide proof of comparable coverage by logging on to and submitting the online waiver form by Aug. 1, 2016. A charge of $2,162 will remain on your account if a waiver is not received by this date.

Online Information: Please visit to learn more about the Salve Regina Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan, to download a brochure or FAQ, to locate preferred providers or pharmacies or to waive coverage.

Personal Property Damage or Theft

The University does not assume responsibility for damage or loss of any personal property during the school year or vacation periods and does not allow storage in any residence facility other than in a student room. Any theft or damage should be covered by the parents' homeowners or renter's insurance policy. Please check to see if you have suitable coverage in the event of a loss. If there is not suitable coverage, please know that the University offers supplemental personal property insurance through National Student Services Inc.

The Student Personal Property Insurance plan offers varying amounts of coverage and deductibles for an annual premium. Click here for more information. Please know that the University will not tolerate the theft of personal or University property at any time.