Major in Sociology and Anthropology (B.A.)

We offer a combined major in sociology and anthropology, which requires students to take courses from both disciplines in order to construct a robust intellectual platform for employment, civic engagement and graduate study. To earn the bachelor's degree, students take a minimum of 14 courses (42 credits).

Required courses:

  • SOA110: The Sociological Imagination
  • SOA130: Anthropology: Interpreting Cultural Differences
  • SOA200: The Social Fabric: Language in Society
  • SOA311: Social Theory
  • SOA335: Global Capital
  • CEG222: Research Methods
  • CEG390: Current Issues
  • CEG450: Capstone
  • ENV334: Environmental Justice
  • One of the following: BIO140: Humans and Their Environment, ECN101: Introductory Macroeconomics or GLO100: Introduction to Global Studies

Four sociology and anthropology electives, chosen from:

  • SOA190: Introduction to Archeology
  • SOA211: Race and Ethnic Relations
  • SOA214: Intimate, Marital and Family Relationships
  • SOA217: Myth, Ritual and Religion
  • SOA218: Exploring North American Indian Societies
  • SOA219: Popular Culture
  • SOA249: Global Health: Society, Medicine and the Body
  • SOA260: The Anthropology of Human Rights
  • SOA317: Deviant Behavior
  • SOA320: "Sex" at "Work"
  • SOA350: Food Matters
  • SOA420: Gender Violence