Minor in Global Studies

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To complete the minor in global studies, students take a minimum of five courses (15 credits). GLO100: Introduction to Global Studies is required. In addition, students choose three of the following:

  • BIO140: Humans and Their Environment
  • BIO255: Conservation Biology
  • CEG390: Current Issues
  • ENG205: Contemporary Global Literature
  • ENV334: Environmental Justice
  • HIS265: Modern Global History
  • POL240: Comparative Politics
  • POL330: Global Development
  • SOA110: The Sociological Imagination
  • SOA130: Anthropology: Interpreting Cultural Differences
  • SOA249: Global Health: Society, Medicine, and the Body
  • SOA350: Food Matters

Students also take a minimum of three credits during a study abroad program designed in consultation with advisers from the Office of International Programs.