New Students

Welcome to our University community!

The information and resources provided below will help ease your transition to life at Salve Regina.

Class of 2018 Dean

Class Deans are current faculty members who serve as mentors and support your academic, personal and holistic success. Your Class Dean, Dr. Robin Hoffmann, will move with you as you progress toward graduation.

Campus Housing

We provide a clean, safe and healthy living environment that provides opportunities for personal, social and spiritual growth. Our first-year residence halls offer three different styles of living, all of which promote community building and a fun, safe and welcoming transition to the University.


Our unlimited meal plan is required for all first-year students living on campus. In addition, deposits made to your Salve Card may be used for dining at several off-campus locations.

Recommended Laptop Program

Designed to accommodate students with varying needs, our recommended laptop program offers a number of HP and Apple laptops with extended warranties at a reduced cost.


The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) provides free transportation to students with a valid Salve Regina ID. In addition, we operate two shuttle services for students - an on-campus shuttle and an off-campus shuttle.


Our on-campus student banking partner is Santander Bank. If you're interested, you can establish a bank account during Orientation, during the first week of classes, at the Newport branch or at your hometown branch.

Tuition Payments

Your fall semester bill should be paid via direct payment, pending financial aid and/or a payment plan by Aug. 1. All balances paid after Aug. 15 are subject to late payment fees.

Student Insurance

All students are enrolled in our health insurance program, which may be waived if you have suitable coverage that is valid in Rhode Island. Tuition refund insurance and property insurance are also available.