CGS in Cybersecurity and Health Care Administration

Our Certificate of Graduate Studies (CGS) programs provide students with opportunities for professional development without the formal pursuit of a graduate degree.

The CGS in cybersecurity and health care administration offers students the opportunity to broaden and enhance their professional careers in health care administration with the requisite tools to manage current and emerging cybersecurity threats in an industry that is becoming increasingly digitized.

Coursework provides an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity threats, threat actors, cybersecurity risk management best practices, digital health innovation, laws and regulations applicable to electronic health records, and techniques to build enterprise-wide cybersecurity awareness. The program is directed and taught by respected cybersecurity and health care professionals who blend theoretical foundations with actual experiences from a wide variety of settings.

The certificate prepares future health care leaders to proactively manage and mitigate against current and emerging cybersecurity threats in the health care environment, and provides the requisite policy, legal, theoretical, management and technical skills to better equip students for future leadership roles in a fast-evolving field.

Required courses:

  • HCA530: Cybersecurity and Resiliency in Health Care Administration
  • HCA538: Cybersecurity and Health Care Policy
  • HCA542: Cybersecurity and Health Care Law

Students also choose one of the following:

  • HCA551: Hacking the Future of Health Care Administration
  • HCA552: Digital Health, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health Care Administrations