The Office of the Registrar is the University's center for registration and academic records. The office also verifies student enrollment, records transfer credit, provides transcripts for current and former students, evaluates degree requirements for graduation candidates and helps veterans obtain V.A. benefits.

Official Communications

The email account is the Office of the Registrar's official means of communication with students and faculty. Students are responsible for all information sent to their account and should check their account frequently for important reminders and notices.


Students who plan to graduate must complete a file for degree form six months prior to their graduation date. Salve Regina has one Commencement ceremony in May and two additional completion dates: Aug. 31 and Dec. 31. Students who complete their requirements in August and December are invited to the May ceremony.

Class Cancellations

Official notification of cancellation or delay of classes is announced in a recorded greeting at the main University telephone number as soon as the decision is made. Notification is also announced on the Salve Regina website and through a SALVEtoday email. Cancellations or delays are also reported via local radio and television stations.