Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations

Accounting and Finance Club

The Accounting and Finance Club works with the accounting and finance programs to explore options for careers in the financial world.

Administration of Justice Club

The Administration of Justice Club engages students interested in administration of justice - including law and law enforcement - by going on outings, holding fundraisers and hosting guest speakers.

AIGA (Graphic Design)

The AIGA student group works to educate students outside of the classroom to be prepared for the professional world.

The Alliance

The Alliance provides a safe place for LGBTQ students and allies to support each other, partake in social activities and create a platform for activism. The club "seeks wisdom and promotes universal justice," as explained in the Salve Regina mission statement. The Alliance strives to reach this goal by helping members of the University community embrace diversity in the fullest sense.

American Marketing Association

The American Marketing Association is a professional organization for students interested in furthering their study and practice of marketing. The Salve Regina chapter provides marketing resources and education by offering professional development activities and networking opportunities. National competitions and local community service projects not only enhance members' skill and knowledge, but also promote ethical decision-making and responsible citizenship.

American Sign Language Club

The American Sign Language Club is an organization for members of the Salve Regina community who have a strong interest in learning about the deaf/hard-of-hearing culture as well as their method of communication, American Sign Language.

Art Guild

The Art Guild is a club for any artist - major, minor or not. The club provides an artistic outlet and network for all students. Our goal is to bring out the creative abilities of the Salve Regina community and help them shine on campus.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies works to build friendships with members of the community who have intellectual disabilities.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State

Big Brothers Big Sisters provides existing mentors, along with those looking to become mentors, with resources and a valuable place to share experiences and voice any concerns they may have with their fellow peers.

Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a volunteer student organization that supports the mission of the University and meets the needs of its students by providing social, recreational and developmental programs that promote learning and social development. CAB designs and implements a wide range of student activities, including live comedy shows, dances, off-campus trips and recreational activities.

Cheerleading Team

The cheerleading team is a co-ed club and competition team that represents Salve Regina with school spirit and well-rounded students. The team holds yearly tryouts and has mandatory practices, gym time, game attendance and competitions. The cheerleading team aspires to encourage and support all other teams, clubs, organizations and the University community. Their goal is to continue to challenge themselves as a team and continue improving their recognition on campus. They welcome any and all Salve Regina students to be a part of their organization.

Circle K

Dedicated to service, Circle K provides students with many opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community. Various projects are planned throughout the year, such as the Salvation Army soup kitchen, bingo with the elderly and trick or treat from UNICEF.

College Democrats

College Democrats encourages student participation in the democratic process. In weekly meetings, the organization discusses important issues facing the local community and the nation as a whole. Through volunteering within the community, hosting guest speakers and communicating one-on-one with public servants, College Democrats seeks to broaden students' understanding of the government process and develop a better sense of what it means to be a Democrat.

College Republicans

College Republicans gives young conservatives an outlet to share, learn and discuss their beliefs. The organization volunteers for candidates at a local, state and national level, has fun and grows as a community of like-minded friends.

Council for Exceptional Children

The Council for Exceptional Children hosts events for people with special needs.

Cultural and Historic Preservation Club

The Cultural and Historic Preservation Club encourages a strong bond within the major while spreading the mission of preservation to the Salve Regina community.

Culture and Civilization Club

The Culture and Civilization Club is dedicated to providing students and enthusiasts of the humanities with an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to cultural enrichment. With a triple mission to educate, edify and entertain, the club offers exciting programs and activities designed to deepen members' respect for the tradition and pageantry of Western civilization. By working to promote a deeper reverence for the cultural institutions that have shaped our understanding of the world, the club hopes to cultivate in its members those enduring classical values so rare in our world today.

Dance Marathon

Salve Dance Marathon is a student-run event that raises money and awareness for Hasbro Children's Hospital. Students work throughout the year, learning unique leadership experience while working closely with Hasbro. The year ends with a multi-hour fundraising event that celebrates the total amount of funds raised. At the event, students stand the entire time while playing games and interacting with the children and families from Hasbro. "We stand for those who can't" is what students keep in mind while staying on their feet for 18 hours. Everything Dance Marathon does is FTK: For the Kids.

EMT Club

The EMT Club's purpose is to promote the knowledge, understanding and interest of emergency medicine.

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club spreads awareness of environmental issues to help us all be better stewards of the earth.

Film Club

The Film Club is a student-run club in which a combination of discussions on films viewed, collaborations on a hands-on project, and interactions ultimately give club members a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art of film. The club expands on the knowledge provided in the classes offered by Salve Regina, developing a more dynamic experience for Salve Regina cinephiles.


The GIFT (Group Inspired for Today) Club inspires students, staff and faculty to create and live in a more inspired, intentional and positive manner. The club seeks to provide its members with mutual support and camaraderie based on their common interests in creating meaning and purpose in life and developing and living wisely. The clubs makes significant contributions to the spiritual, emotional and physical well being of the Salve Regina community and beyond.

Global Citizens Club

The Global Citizens Club helps international students throughout their tenure at Salve Regina and beyond. The club works with the Office of International Programs to connect with international students prior to arrival. Once they arrive, the club helps them connect with other international students. The club serves as a resource to overcome the obstacles or challenges students encounter when they arrive at Salve Regina for the first time. The club allows students to share the similarities and differences in their cultures and the positive aspects of being international students at the University. After graduation, the club helps students stay connected with each other and network as they navigate life after Salve Regina.

Gymnastics Club

The Gymnastics Club encourages healthy exercise by providing tumbling, gymnastics and dance opportunities in a safe and supervised environment. The club strives to build a community of camaraderie that encourages sportsmanship, leadership, team building and fun.


L.E.A.D. stands for leading service projects, enriching the community, advocating global issues and developing group members as leaders. Through service work and team building, the club promotes leadership development and fosters unity among students in the group and community. L.E.A.D. offers opportunities to lead or participate in service projects and community enrichment and educates group members on advocating for global awareness and issues while teaching leadership skills.

Mad Batter

Mad Batter is a hands-on club that allows students to participate in the making and decorating of baked goods. As a nonprofit organization, Mad Batter brings together bakers of all levels to bake for a cause.

Math Club

The Math Club is comprised mainly of math majors and minors. The club attends conferences and competitions, hosts a Math Night for Learning Unlimited, works at Special Olympics and tutors in Middletown and Newport.

The Mosaic

Mosaic News is Salve Regina's student-run newspaper, a source of campus news, sports and entertainment stories. The online version is published biweekly.

Multicultural Student Organization

The Multicultural Student Organization strives to raise awareness about different cultures on campus. The organization hosts multiple events throughout the year in honor of these cultures in order to further educate students and faculty.

Philosophy Club

Not exclusive to philosophy majors and minors, the Philosophy Club explores issues pertinent to today's expanding global interdependency from a philosophical standpoint. It includes the debating of ideas ranging from scientific to theoretical as well as exciting trips to philosophy conferences in the area.

Pre-Med Club

The Pre-Med Club is an organization for students interested in pursuing a career in health professions, with a variety of informational meetings, volunteer opportunities and a graduate preparation. The Pre-Med Club is dedicated to helping undergraduates become future leaders in the world of health.

Protect Our Wildlife

An organization with the best interests of animals at heart, Protect Our Wildlife (P.O.W.) strives to raise awareness about the conditions of habitats, natural and man-made, and about the way people treat creatures around the world. In addition to serving as an eye-opener, P.O.W. encourages individuals to come together to form a united front against animal cruelty and injustice, promoting action above all else, even if it be simply telling a friend about a particular event. It is the hope of P.O.W. that one day, the natural order of life will be restored and that one day, humans and animals will live together in a world full of understanding and respect, a world without exploitation and mistreatment. The future lies in your own two hands. What will your course of action be?

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club aims to develop and enhance the learning experience of students interested in the field of psychology.

Red Watch Band

Religious and Theological Studies Club

The Religious and Theological Studies Club is dedicated to the inquiry, discussion and analysis of life's most pressing questions through a religious perspective. With an emphasis on education and the intellectual understanding of comparative spirituality, the Religious and Theological Studies Club caters to students with an interest in the culture, wisdom and traditions of all world religions. It is through thought-provoking discussion and firsthand experience that this club wishes to guide its members through different interpretations of the divine and enlighten them in the subject of faith outside of their own. We encourage students to ask life's "Big Questions" with the hope of collectively guiding ourselves towards the answers.

Renewal Bible Study

The Renewal Bible Study provides a nondenominational Bible study for everyone.

Salve Music Ensemble Club

The Salve Music Ensemble Club gives students the opportunity to sing and play music in an informal atmosphere.

Salve Studios

Salve Studios is a film and video production club that provides access and opportunity for young videographers and filmmakers on campus to create original content.

Shotokan Karate Club

The Karate Club gives students the opportunity to learn Shotokan karate-do. According to the International Shotokan Karate Federation, "training in karate teaches us not only self-defense, but to respect others as well as ourselves." The fundamental mentality of karate is very enriching and can be a way "to develop a person as an individual." Karate is a great way to build confidence, not only in physical ability to defend oneself, but in everyday life. Shotokan karate as a club sport allows students to participate in this enriching experience on campus and to form unique relationships with other students while developing a strong character and sense of moral purpose.

Social Work Club

The Social Work Club works to achieve social justice and equality to all people. The club works locally, nationally and globally to enhance the lives of others.

Sociology and Anthropology Club

The Sociology and Anthropology Club explores ideas related to the social scientific fields of sociology and anthropology. Members of this group, not exclusively sociology and anthropology majors, participate in meetings, go on trips, attend film screenings and plays, engage in intelligent (and entertaining) conversation and make friends.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club seeks to unite all students who speak Spanish and provide opportunities to practice and learn from multiple traditions, heritages and experiences. Students from all levels are welcome, whether majors/minors or not. Students will get together to see movies, share coffee or a meal, discuss a book/poetry/short story, play games or attend live events in Providence or Boston related to Hispanic cultures. The only requirement is that students be ready to speak Spanish when they come. Bienvenidos todos.

Special Olympics

Comprised of Salve Regina students, the Special Olympics committee provides volunteers, donations, team spirit and more.

SRU Dance

SRU Dance explores different genres of dance. This exploration of student choreography is showcased at the end of each semester in a public performance for the Salve Regina and surrounding community.


StageFright provides the enjoyment and craft of theater to its members and to the Salve Regina community. The group presents opportunities for students to learn about and participate in various aspects of theater through putting on productions and taking part in workshops. The group fosters an appreciation for theater arts through exposure to different theatrical productions throughout the year.

Student Education Association

The Student Education Association allows education majors to support one another as well as participate in events with local schools.

Student Empowerment Organization

The Student Empowerment Organization supports the development of young individuals' skills and enables them to pursue leadership roles on issues that affect their daily lives. The club aims to provide a safe environment for students to meet and build alliances for individual and social support.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association serves as the liaison between students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Student Nurse Organization

The Student Nurse Organization contributes to nursing education, provides programs representative of fundamental and current professional interests and concerns, and aids in the development of the nurse as a whole.

Students for Mercy

Students for Mercy seeks to educate students about social justice and human rights issues through participation in social justice campaigns in the local community. Through education and action, Students for Mercy gives its members the knowledge and skills needed to become lifelong advocates for social justice issues, in the hopes of spreading awareness and initiating change in the community.

Study Abroad Student Association

The Study Abroad Student Association aims to connect and inform prospective, current and past study abroad students. The club seeks to provide a comfortable atmosphere in which discussions can arise focusing on studying abroad or exploring international career options. This will allow the University and independent international programs to receive more accurate feedback in order to continually strengthen their study abroad programs.

VIRGO - Volunteers Invested in Reaching and Guiding Others

VIRGO, Volunteers Interested in Reaching and Guiding Others, raises awareness of college mental health issues. Events include self-defense, depression and alcohol screening, domestic violence awareness and stress busters.

Willow Literary Magazine

Willow is Salve Regina's literary journal containing poetry, prose, short stories, photography and art.

WSRU Radio

WSRU Radio is Salve Regina's on-campus radio station run by the students, for the students. WSRU has a live audio and video stream from the studio, DJs events year-round, hosts giveaways and creates a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for the Salve Regina community and listeners all across the world. Visit WSRU on Facebook.