Dr. Jennifer Bonoff

Assistant Professor, Business and Economics

Graduate Program Director, Business and Economics

Contact Information:

Room 139
(401) 341-3151


B.A. in political science, Yale University (1998)
M.S. in technology commercialization, Northeastern University (2010)
Ph.D. in marketing, University of Rhode Island (2019)

Research Interests:


My research interests focus on mobility and technological innovation.


Personal Statement:


As a society, we are in the midst of a pivotal time in which digital technology is playing a larger and more pronounced role in daily life. In terms of the global business and marketing environment, conventional approaches are becoming less viable, and while the explosive growth of digital marketing and practices cannot be denied, the future path is uncertain. In such a fast-paced and evolving world, the tenets of Salve Regina's mission provide a grounding perspective which helps students look not only at the dilemmas facing the business world, but rather on the impact of new technology on society as a whole. As a faculty member at Salve, I have the wonderful privilege and responsibility to educate students to harness the full potential of the new digital environment, while simultaneously maintaining a focus on personal integrity and social justice. As a business owner and entrepreneur for the last 15 years, my business background also plays an essential role in my preparedness to educate and research at the highest level. I bring energy and enthusiasm into the classroom while infusing real-world examples and experience into the material. I have a true passion for teaching, a unique connection to the students, and I thrive in the role of an innovator.