Major in Social Work (B.S.)

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To earn the bachelor's degree in social work, students take a minimum of 21 courses (58 credits) in social work and two foundation courses (six credits) that can be used to meet Core Curriculum requirements where applicable.

Required courses:

  • SWK120: Social Problems: Analysis by Race, Class and Gender
  • SWK120S: Social Problems: Service Learning
  • SWK200: A History of American Social Welfare Policy
  • SWK215: Human Behavior and Diversity I
  • SWK216: Human Behavior and Diversity II
  • SWK320: Methods of Practice I
  • SWK330: Methods of Practice II
  • SWK360: Generalist Practice and Seminar I
  • SWK361: Generalist Practice Field Internship I
  • SWK370: Generalist Practice and Seminar II
  • SWK371: Generalist Practice Field Internship II
  • SWK403: Research Methods I
  • SWK404: Research Methods II
  • SWK410: International Social Work
  • SWK421: Senior Field Seminar I
  • SWK422: Senior Field Internship I
  • SWK451: Senior Field Seminar II
  • SWK452: Senior Field Internship II
  • SWK470: Senior Integrative Seminar
  • One three-credit elective in social work
  • Three one-credit electives in social work

Foundation courses:

  • BIO110: Human Biology: Physiology and Health
  • POL115: The American Political System

Majors and Minors