Major in Biology and Secondary Education (B.A.S.)

To earn the double major in biology and secondary education, students complete the courses required for a B.A. in biology and must also meet the requirements for secondary education.

Required courses:

  • BIO111: General Biology I
  • BIO112: General Biology II
  • BIO200: Botany
  • BIO210: Microbiology
  • BIO220: Cell Biology and Chemistry
  • BIO253: Genetics: Classical, Molecular and Population
  • BIO310: Ecology
  • BIO320: Evolution
  • BIO471: Biology Capstone
  • CHM113: General Chemistry I
  • CHM114: General Chemistry II
  • Two upper-level biology electives, which must have a laboratory associated with them

Students who wish to complete the requirements for general science certification in addition to biology certification must take PHY201: General Physics I and PHY202: General Physics II or PHY205: Principles of Physics I and PHY206: Principles of Physics II.


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