Our equipment and facilities are designed for student and faculty research and classroom and laboratory teaching. Specialized rooms for cell culture, genetics, microscopy, electrophysiology, aquaria, protein and nucleic acid research and dissection of preserved specimens enhance the experience and productivity in the department. All equipment is available for research and for course lab work. Any student who is properly trained may use the equipment, which is very unusual and is a highlight of the biology program. In addition, the department has use of core research facilities at Brown University, the University of Rhode Island and Roger Williams University as part of the INBRE and EPSCoR consortium.

Equipment includes:

  • Fully operational greenhouse
  • Two small powerboats
  • Two safety hoods - Class II Type B2
  • Mobile computer lab for 12 with statistical software and molecular modeling packages
  • Nikon 80Ti fluorescence microscope
  • Beckman-Coulter Z1 particle counter
  • Hope Micromax film developer
  • LiCOR 4300 DNA analyzer
  • Two TMC vibration tables and faraday cages
  • Axon 2B amplifier
  • Digidata1332 A/D converter
  • Hamilton Thorne computer assisted sperm analyzer (CASA)
  • Nanoliter 2000 nanoinjector
  • Ziess inverted microscope
  • Nanodrop ND-1000 spectrophotometer
  • BIOMATE 5 spectrophotometer
  • MJ Research PTC-200 peltier thermal cycler
  • BTX Harvard Apparatus precision pulse-electroporator
  • Molecular Devices Spectra Max M2 fluorescence/absorbance microplate reader
  • Gel Logic 440 imaging system
  • BIO-RAD IQ5-Multicolor real-time PCR detection system
  • CS Optima Max Ultracentrifuge
  • Barnstead-Mega-pure system-MP-12A
  • Supplies for wading, dredging
  • Supplies for bird collecting and banding
  • Biopac data acquisition systems and associated probes
  • Pasco GLX interface devices
  • Bench top 5804 R centrifuge
  • Centra MP4R-IEC-refrigerated centrifuge
  • CO2 incubators
  • UV cross-linker
  • MAXQ4000 shaker incubator
  • HB-1D hybridizer oven

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