Leave of Absence and Withdrawal

Academic Advising

Salve Regina recognizes that you may need to take a break from your college experience due to a variety of reasons. Here are next steps for those who need to leave or return to the University.

University Withdrawal

If you want to withdraw from the University and have no plans to return to Salve Regina, or if you are planning to leave Salve Regina for at least one semester for personal reasons, you must complete the University withdrawal form. You must meet with Residence Life, Financial Aid and the Business Office and return the signed form to the Office of the Registrar.

If you withdraw from the University and later wish to return, you must reapply for admission.

Please note: Students who leave Salve Regina and do not complete the University withdrawal form may have financial consequences.

General Leave of Absence

If you are in good academic and judicial standing and wish to interrupt your study for the following semester, you may apply for a leave of absence by contacting the Office of the Dean of Students at (401) 341-2145 or deanofstudents@salve.edu. The office will consult with the dean of undergraduate studies to determine if your request is granted. If your leave of absence is granted, you will be required to obtain all required signatures from the University offices named on the form and return the form to the Office of the Dean of Students, who will then inform the Office of the Registrar.

Leaves of absence are not granted retroactively and should be requested no later than one month prior to the semester in which the leave will be taken. A student on leave is considered withdrawn from the University and must have permission from the dean of undergraduate studies to be enrolled for credit elsewhere during the leave. Leaves of absence are granted on a semester by semester basis.

Medical Leave of Absence

In emergency or medical situations where you cannot continue to attend classes after the start of a term, but intend to return to the University, a medical leave of absence may be granted. Medical leaves are granted by the dean of students. You should consult the voluntary and involuntary leave of absence policies in the student handbook for more information.

Return to Campus After Leave of Absence

If you intend to return to your studies after a general leave of absence, you should submit a written request explaining your intent to register for the following term to the Office of the Dean of Students. To return for the spring semester, submit your request by Nov. 1. To return for the fall semester, submit your request by Aug. 1. Requests to return following an emergency or medical leave will be evaluated by the dean of students in consultation with the dean of undergraduate studies.

Admissions Withdrawals and Deferrals

If you have not started classes at Salve Regina, or have been readmitted to Salve Regina but haven’t started classes yet, please contact the Office of Admissions at (401) 341-2908 or admissions@salve.edu.