Administration of Justice and Homeland Security M.S. Degree

Administration of Justice and Homeland Security


At Salve Regina University, our master’s degree in administration of justice and homeland security prepares leaders to envision and pioneer today’s security solutions in a complex technological and global environment. Using an analytical approach, our program develops sophisticated experts in law enforcement, intelligence and justice leadership who safeguard people’s lives and protect against cyber threats.

Courses are taught by seasoned professionals who are experts in their field. Instructors work one-on-one with students to meet their individual needs while serving as career-focused mentors. Faculty also assist students in landing worthwhile internships that may provide key networking and career opportunities.​

While this degree may be completed entirely online, select courses are also offered at our Newport campus. Our visionary online format is designed to accommodate the unconventional schedules of justice and homeland security professionals, including those on overseas deployment, while in-person options provide hands-on forensic training.

In addition to the master’s degree in administration of justice and homeland security, we also offer graduate certificates in cybersecurity and intelligence, digital forensics and leadership in justice. Through our popular combined program, qualified undergraduates can earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years.

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Advance Your Career

With a global shortage of cybersecurity professionals and median salaries reaching six figures, Salve Regina’s graduate degree in administration of justice and homeland security opens excellent career pathways for experienced specialists.

Study on Your Terms

Offered in flexible online and on-campus formats, our program can be tailored to meet personal and professional goals. Students are mentored by faculty who are all current or former practitioners in a variety of justice and security disciplines.

International Perspective

Our unique relationship with the U.S. Naval War College provides an opportunity to study and interact with high-ranking military officers from nations around the world, offering our graduate students a global perspective on security and justice.

Guided by the principles of equal respect, our 12-course graduate program in administration of justice and homeland security aspires to examine the philosophical, historical, ethical, behavioral, technological, legal and policy dimensions of the discipline.

Students can explore one of three specialized concentrations: cybersecurity and intelligence, digital forensics or leadership in justice. The cybersecurity and intelligence concentration details the theory and policy related to cyber threat analysis and management. Students who concentrate in digital forensics uncover data and analyze it for criminal cases and intelligence. The leadership in justice concentration refines students’ understanding of justice theory, process and contemporary issues in policing.

Required Courses

  • CJC505: Constitutional Issues
  • CJC506: Theories of Justice
  • CJC518: Public Policy in the Global Environment
  • CJC521: Management Issues in the Justice System
  • CJC524: Homeland Security and Incident Management
  • CJC536: Cultural Competency
  • CJC563: Criminal Justice Research Methods
  • INR552: Terrorism and Transnational Crime

For the remaining four courses, students choose an area of concentration or select electives from any of the graduate programs (with approval from the program director) to develop an individualized program of study that meets their personal and professional goals.

The concentration in cybersecurity and intelligence highlights theory, policy and problems in this emerging field and responds to the interests, knowledge requirements and needs of law enforcement and justice professionals at the local, regional, state and international levels.

Additional required courses:

  • CJC519: U.S. Intelligence or ADJ543: Cyber Intelligence
  • CJC576: High Technology Crime

Students also choose two of the following:

  • CJC526: Principles of Digital Forensics
  • CJC530: Cyberthreat Analysis
  • CJC531: Cyberthreat Management
  • CJC532: Cyberterrorism
  • CJC555: Challenges to Counterterrorism
  • CJC565: Analytic Methods
  • CJC579: Advanced Persistent Threat: Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
  • CJC581: Special Topics (with permission from the program director)
  • HCA530: Cybersecurity and Resiliency in Health Care Administration
  • MGT558: Management of Cyber Opportunities and Threats

The concentration in digital forensics encompasses an array of skills, including acquiring, extracting and analyzing data that is often useful for criminal investigation and civil litigation cases. In addition to criminal and civil investigations, it also plays a major role in intelligence and counterterrorism matters.

Additional required courses:

  • CJC526: Principles of Digital Forensics
  • CJC529: Advanced Digital Forensics

Students also choose two of the following:

  • CJC537: Network Forensics
  • CJC545: Mobile Forensics
  • CJC546: Insider Threat
  • CJC581: Special Topics (as available for relevant technical advancements)

Leaders in the justice field must reshape departments that have been highly centralized, over-specialized and conventional in their approach to solving community issues and problems. The concentration in leadership in justice focuses on strategic management in a multicultural, technological and collaborative environment.

Additional required course:

  • CJC535: Budget Realities and Grant Opportunities
  • HLL520: Leading Holistically: Cross-Cultural Awareness

Students also choose two of the following:

  • CJC581: Special Topics (with permission from the program director)
  • HCA530: Cybersecurity and Resiliency in Health Care Administration
  • HLL519: Introduction to Holistic Leadership Perspectives
  • MGT502: Managing in a Global Economy
  • MGT509: Human Resources Management
  • MGT554: Business Foresight and Futuring

Time to Complete


18 to 24 months

Program Format


Online or evening classes

Application Deadline


Rolling admission

Our inquisitive curriculum uplifts students’ security and justice careers. Our administration of justice and homeland security faculty bring decades of cybersecurity, law enforcement and intelligence experience to enrich our students’ understanding of national security, cyber threats and criminal justice. Our faculty are supportive of students’ career aspirations and often foster mentorship, internship and networking connections.

Homeland security and justice careers that would benefit from this experiential Master of Science degree include: 

  • Law enforcement official 
  • National security and defense research
  • Cyber analyst/information manager
  • Criminal justice advocate 
  • Private sector security specialist

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Our enriching master’s degree in administration of justice and homeland security poises graduates for managerial and leadership success in the security and justice sectors. Offered in online and on-campus formats with three concentration options, the program empowers working professionals to pursue their career on their terms. 

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Thomas Wagner '18, '19 (M)

It took Thomas Wagner five years and a lot of hard work to complete Salve Regina’s combined bachelor’s/master’s program in administration of justice and homeland security, but the education has been well worth it. With just a few years of experience, he landed a top job as an information system security officer at Lockheed Martin shortly after graduation.

 I can say that the options are limitless. It is not an easy career field, but it is a very beneficial one. I'm not only financially secure for the rest of my life, but I have plenty of career opportunities.