For Exploratory and Undeclared Students

For Exploratory/Undeclared Students

Academic Advising

Exploratory students are those students who have not decided on a major. Students decide to be exploratory for a variety of reasons. Do you have an interest in many different areas and don't know how to narrow it down? Do you struggle to know where to begin when it comes to choosing a major? Maybe you have already tried a major at Salve Regina and realized that it was not a good fit for you. Students who are unhappy in their present major or are obligated to change their major will benefit from the information on this page as well.

Being an exploratory student gives you the freedom to try out different academic programs and explore your interests, and it puts you on a path of discovery. Through exploratory advising, you will partake in different activities, events and courses to test out your interests, enhance your skills and learn about career development as well.

Your Exploratory Advisor

At Salve Regina, you will be assigned to the exploratory advisor, who will help guide your journey to self-discovery. You will meet with your exploratory advisor multiple times throughout the semester and year. Your advisor will provide you with an exploratory checklist each semester to help you take the steps necessary and properly utilize all the University resources that will help you find your major.

When do I Have to Declare My Major?

You must declare a major by the time you reach 60 credits (typically, this is by the end of your sophomore year). Every student is different, so your journey may be different than another's. Some students may only need one semester to confirm their interests in a major while other students may need the full four semesters to declare their major.

Please note: Before declaring a major, you must meet with the department chair from your chosen program. Your exploratory advisor can help you complete the change of major form once you are ready to declare. As an exception, students must be accepted into the nursing program in order to be a nursing major.