Administrative Buildings

Administrative Buildings

Salve Regina’s administrative offices and academic departments support student growth and development inside and outside the classroom. Our administrative buildings provide the base for faculty and staff to assist students as they prepare to make an impact across our historic campus, in the community and around the globe.

51 Shepard Ave.

Nestled in a mostly residential area of campus, this 1950s cottage has been part of Salve Regina's campus since 2004.

54 East Bowery St.

Located a few blocks from campus, 54 East Bowery St. houses the offices and trade shops of the facilities department.

Drexel Hall

Situated in the heart of campus, Drexel Hall houses the Office of International Programs, which coordinates study abroad experiences and provides support to international students.

Munroe Center

Located next to McKillop Library in the heart of campus, Munroe Center houses the Office of Information Technology.


Ochre Court

Situated along Newport's famed Cliff Walk, Ochre Court is Salve Regina's main administration building. The Office of Admissions is housed here, making Ochre Court the first stop for prospective students who are visiting campus.

President's House

Located on the outskirts of campus along Shepard Avenue, the President’s House has served as the president’s residence since 1994 and was previously used as a student residence.

Stonor Hall

Situated in the heart of campus, Stonor Hall houses the Office of Human Resources, which provides information, services and training geared toward work-related concerns and positive employer-employee relations.

Tobin Hall

Located along Webster Street near Miley Hall, Tobin Hall houses the Office of Safety and Security. Tobin has been part of Salve Regina's campus since 1969.

Young Building

Young Building houses the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy, hosts special events and lectures, and serves as a residence for sophomore students.