Sociology and Anthropology

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology employs a global, comparative and multidisciplinary approach to the study of human social behavior, focusing primarily on the functioning of human collectives in the midst of ecological, cultural, political, economic and religious realities.

Led by a dynamic faculty, our small classes allow students to engage in constructive dialogue with both their peers and professors. Course offerings in sociology and anthropology examine not only the individual, but also the collective response to contemporary social and cultural issues.

We encourage students to study abroad and perform fieldwork to further enhance their cross-cultural learning experience, giving them opportunities to translate theoretical knowledge into real-world applications.

With a traditional liberal arts education as its foundation, our program fosters interpersonal as well as critical and creative thinking skills that prepare our graduates for responsible citizenship and success in a number of fields. While many attend graduate school, others opt for careers in social services, government, marketing and technology.