Minor in Religious and Theological Studies

To complete the minor in religious and theological studies, students take a minimum of six courses (18 credits).

Required courses:

  • Christianity in Dialogue with World Religions
  • Five religious and theological studies electives, chosen in consultation with the department chair

Possible Focus Areas

Minors may choose to build their program of study around a particular area by focusing their elective courses in specific ways. The department suggests the following possible focus areas.

World Religions

  • Engaging the Catholic Experience
  • Engaging the Jewish Experience
  • Engaging the Muslim Experience
  • Engaging the Hindu Experience
  • Engaging the Buddhist Experience

Christian Ethics and Society

  • Who is My Neighbor? Mercy in the Christian Tradition
  • Christian Ethics and the Environment
  • Christian Ethics and Social Issues
  • Christian Marriage and Family Life
  • Christian Ethics and Biomedical Issues
  • Christian Ethics and Human Sexuality


  • Understanding the Hebrew Scriptures
  • Jesus and the Gospels: Who do You Say That I Am?
  • Good Girls, Bad Girls: Women of the Bible
  • Blinded by the Light: Introduction to the Pauline Epistles

Christian Theology

  • Symbol and Sacrament
  • The Church in the 21st Century
  • Contemporary Christian Spirituality
  • Emerging Theologies
  • Jesus Christ Through History
  • Engaging the Catholic Experience