Political Science

The Department of Political Science provides students with essential knowledge of institutions and regimes, legislation and constitutional law, and the origins of war and peace while grounding them in the teachings of the great political philosophers.

Our program covers the full range of the discipline's subfields of American politics, comparative politics, international relations and political theory. Majors have the option of concentrating in either American government or international relations and comparative politics.

Led by a highly qualified, approachable faculty, our small classes provide students with the opportunity to interact closely with each other and with their professors. Our challenging curriculum teaches students how to gather relevant information, form logical and clear arguments and articulate their thoughts.

With extensive training in research, analysis, writing and public speaking, our majors are well prepared for both graduate programs and professional careers. While many attend law school, others find success in such fields as international relations, intelligence and law enforcement, lobbying and business.

Through the University's accelerated program, highly motivated and qualified undergraduates can earn both a bachelor's degree in political science and a master’s degree in international relations within five years.