Major in Philosophy (B.A.)

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To earn the bachelor's degree in philosophy, students take a minimum of 10 courses (30 credits).

Required courses:

  • PHL120: Logic or PHL125: Philosophy of the Human Person
  • PHL225: Quest for the Good Life
  • PHL490: Senior Seminar

One of the following ancient philosophy courses:

  • PHL130: Ancient Philosophy
  • PHL201: Classical Political Philosophy
  • PHL230: Plato
  • PHL231: Aristotle
  • PHL339: Great Thinkers in Ancient Philosophy
  • PHL439: Topics in Ancient Philosophy

One of the following medieval philosophy courses:

  • PHL140: Medieval Philosophy
  • PHL141: Medieval Political Philosophy
  • PHL242: Thomas Aquinas
  • PHL349: Great Thinkers in Medieval Philosophy
  • PHL449: Topics in Medieval Philosophy

One of the following modern philosophy courses:

  • PHL202: Modern Political Philosophy
  • PHL203: Modern Philosophy
  • PHL250: Continental Rationalism
  • PHL251: British Empiricism
  • PHL350: Idealism
  • PHL359: Great Thinkers in Modern Philosophy
  • PHL459: Topics in Modern Philosophy

One of the following contemporary philosophy courses:

  • PHL204: Contemporary Philosophy
  • PHL260: Applied Ethics
  • PHL261: Classic American Philosophy
  • PHL360: Phenomenology
  • PHL361: Existentialism
  • PHL362: Analytic Philosophy
  • PHL369: Great Thinkers in Contemporary Philosophy
  • PHL459: Topics in Modern Philosophy

Students choose three additional electives in consultation with their adviser. Majors may take a maximum of three courses at the 100 level and four courses at the 200 level.

Majors and Minors


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