Minor in Dance

The minor in dance allows students to further their knowledge and understanding of dance as a creative art form and study the many facets of dance, including theory, criticism, history, technique, body mechanics, injury prevention and composition. Students are encouraged to cultivate their strengths and find a unique artistic voice in preparation for future careers as performers, choreographers and dance educators.

Required courses:

  • Introduction to Dance
  • Dance History
  • Choreography
  • Modern Dance Technique (taken twice)
  • Jazz Dance Technique (taken twice)
  • Ballet Technique (taken twice)
  • One of the following: Biomechanics and Injury Prevention for Dancers, Introduction for Music: Masterpieces, American Music, Introduction to Acting, Stagecraft, History and Use of Costumes on Stage or Theatre Management

In addition, minors are expected to participate in one main-stage theatre arts production as a crewmember.