Major in Theatre Arts (B.A.)

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In addition to the traditional B.A. in theatre arts, which offers a survey of courses covering acting, stagecraft and theater history, our students may pursue individual concentrations in acting and technical theater. These concentrations offer the highest levels of creative work and opportunities to work with professional in the industry.

To earn the bachelor's degree, students take a minimum of 14 courses (40 credits). All majors are required to participate in a minimum of four main stage productions, two on stage and two behind the scenes.

Required courses:

  • THE004: New York Theatre
  • THE101: Introduction to Theatre Arts
  • THE102: Beginning Acting
  • THE135: Stagecraft
  • THE211: Theatre History I
  • THE212: Theatre History II
  • THE318: Stage Management
  • THE384: Dramatic Theory and Criticism
  • THE461: Directing Theory and Action
  • THE485: Thesis Preparation
  • THE490: Senior Thesis
  • ENG325: Studies in Shakespeare

Students also choose two of the following:

  • THE231: Makeup for Stage and Film
  • THE241: Script Analysis
  • THE265: Stage Combat
  • THE343: Theatre for Children and Youth
  • THE360: Production I


Students who are interested in a professional career or who plan to attend graduate school may concentrate in acting or technical theater by taking the required courses and then adding 12-14 credits in the chosen concentration. Acceptance into a concentration requires approval from the program director, and students are expected to focus their senior thesis around their area of concentration.

Acting concentration:

  • THE201: Voice and Diction
  • THE202: Intermediate Acting
  • THE301: Scene Study: Classical Theatre
  • THE302: Advanced Acting
  • THE320: Acting in Film and Television
  • THE430: The Business of Acting

Technical concentration:

  • THE231: Makeup for Stage and Film
  • THE311: Introduction to Scenic Design
  • THE318: Stage Management
  • THE334: The History and Use of Costume on the Stage

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