Major in Music (B.A.)

Our music curriculum fosters an understanding and appreciation of a wide variety of music, with coursework divided into three areas: music history and theory, instrumental and vocal instruction and performing ensembles.

To major in music, a student must first be interviewed and accepted by a designated member of the faculty. To earn the bachelor’s degree, students take a minimum of 41 credits, and the program must be approved in advance by the department chair.

Majors are required to perform in a department ensemble each semester and attend music program meetings and seminars. Majors will also be required to pass comprehensive examinations in music history and theory and in piano proficiency.

Required courses:

  • Theory I, II and III
  • Analysis
  • Major Recital
  • One of the following: Orchestration, Composition, Instrumental Conducting or Choral Conducting
  • Language Orientation (voice majors only)
  • One course in music history
  • One elective in music
  • 12 credits of individual lessons in the principal instrument or in voice
  • Two credits of individual lessons in a secondary area
  • Six credits in performing ensembles