Major in Spanish (B.A.)

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Our Spanish curriculum allows students to develop their linguistic skills while gaining an appreciation for the cultures, civilizations, heritage and literature of the Spanish-speaking world. Majors are required to spend at least one semester studying in a Spanish-speaking country.

To earn the bachelor’s degree, students take a minimum of 10 courses (30 credits).

Required courses:

  • SPA205: Intermediate Spanish I and SPA206: Intermediate Spanish II or SPA304: Advanced Spanish Grammar
  • SPA241: Communication and Cultures I
  • SPA242: Communication and Cultures II
  • SPA305: Spanish American Cultures and Civilizations
  • SPA306: Spanish Culture and Civilization
  • SPA311: Masterpieces of Spanish American Literature
  • SPA312: Masterpieces of Spanish Literature

Students take additional Spanish electives at or above SPA245 to reach the 10-course requirement, with at least one course at or above SPA399. Students are required to take at least one Spanish course during their senior year.