• Revolutionary Study

    The site of one of the largest military operations of the Revolution will be researched and mapped in depth by Salve Regina students working in partnership with the Middletown Historical Society.

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The Department of History strives to increase students’ understanding of the past in order to give them a better perspective on the contemporary world. While we emphasize American and European history, students learn to appreciate our multicultural world through a variety of courses on non-Western regions. In addition, we encourage majors to immerse themselves in other cultures through the University's study abroad programs in such diverse locations as Italy, Egypt, France and Senegal. Closer to home, we take full advantage of our location in Newport, a leading seaport in the Colonial and Revolutionary eras and a favorite summer destination for the wealthy during the Gilded Age. From courses on the religious history of Newport to internship opportunities at historical societies, archives and museums, we offer students unique, hands-on learning experiences in a living historical environment. With training in research, writing and analysis, our majors are well prepared for graduate work as well as a variety of careers in such fields as education, government, museum studies and business.