Minor in Film

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Drawing from various departments - including administration of justice, art, English, theater, modern and classical languages, social work and religious and theological studies - this interdisciplinary minor focuses on the study of film as one of the most important sources of fictional and nonfictional narratives in the 20th and 21st centuries. The minor introduces students to the complex ways films make meaning, allows them to study the aesthetics of the form and gain an awareness of the cultural and institutional values in cinema, and helps them explore the histories of national cinemas and cinema as a global phenomenon. It also introduces students to the "canon" of great films and filmmakers - and to the many challenges to that canon - and looks at issues of race, gender, ethnicity and other identities. The minor offers dedicated advising from the coordinator, Dr. D. Matthew Ramsey. To complete the minor, students take a minimum of six courses (18 credits).

Required courses:

  • ENG253: History of Cinema
  • ENG496: Film Theory

Students also choose four of the following:

  • ADJ351: American Prisons as Depicted in Film and TV
  • ART102: Film, Art and Society
  • ENG241: Film and Literature
  • ENG356: World Cinema
  • ENG397: Special Topics in Film
  • SPA399: Special Topics
  • THE102: Beginning Acting
  • THE231: Makeup for Stage and Film
  • THE241: Script Analysis

Film-related courses in other departments and special topics courses in the Department of English and Communications may also count toward the minor. Students must consult with the department chair to exercise this option.


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