• A Family Matter

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    English communications major Quisan Taylor-Lawhon '14 graduated alongside her mother, Danchell Taylor '14, who received her Masters in Business Administration.

English and Communications

The Department of English and Communications provides an understanding of literary traditions and communications studies. We help our students become effective communicators through the development of critical and creative thinking and writing skills.

Taught by a highly qualified and dedicated faculty, our courses cover such topics as American, British and world literatures; creative writing; film studies; journalism; advertising; public relations; and new media.

Outside of class, students are encouraged to join the University's vibrant communications organizations. Involvement in the student-run newspaper, Mosaic, or the student-produced literary magazine, Willow, empowers undergraduates to showcase their skills and creativity, while providing them with valuable experience in the fields of writing, editing and publishing.

An English degree is excellent preparation for postgraduate work - including the study of law - as well as a variety of careers in fields like business, education, publishing, journalism and public relations.