Major in Elementary Education (B.S.)

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Our elementary education curriculum readies students to apply for Rhode Island teacher certification in grades 1-6. To earn the bachelor’s degree, students take a minimum of 16 courses (52 credits).

Required courses:

  • EDC120: Introduction to Race and Inequality in American Education
  • EDC190: Teaching Physical Education and Health
  • EDC203: Technologies for Instruction and Assessment
  • EDC220: Child and Adolescent Development, Learning and Teaching: Theories and Applications
  • EDC243: Children’s Literature
  • EDC298: Tutoring and Mentoring in a Multicultural Society I
  • EDC299: Tutoring and Mentoring in a Multicultural Society II
  • EDC300: Methods Portfolio
  • EDC305: Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School
  • EDC320: Teaching Literacy and Language
  • EDC323: Teaching Mathematics and Science in the Elementary School
  • EDC431: Student Teaching at the Elementary School Level
  • EDC432: Student Teaching Seminar

Students also complete the following courses in other disciplines:

  • SED211: Introduction to the Characteristics of Students With Exceptionalities
  • SED232: Principles and Procedures for Behavior and Classroom Management