Minor in Applied Technology

Open to students from all disciplines, the minor in applied technology offers a program of study designed to help students adapt to rapidly changing technology and enhance their technology application skills in the workforce. Minors are required to earn at least one certification, but may earn as many as six certifications. To complete the minor in applied technology, students take a minimum of seven courses (21 credits).

Required courses:

  • APT103: Internet and Computing Core Certification
  • APT120: Issues in Technology: Past, Present and Future
  • APT203: Rapid Application Development
  • APT213: Enterprise Resource Management

Approved electives include:

  • APT160: Microsoft Word
  • APT161: Microsoft Excel
  • APT162: Microsoft PowerPoint
  • APT164: Microsoft Visio
  • APT165: Microsoft Access
  • APT172: Collaboration Tools
  • APT173: Adobe Presenter
  • APT174: WordPress
  • APT175: Email Marketing
  • APT176: Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Students may also choose any two approved electives from administration of justice, art, biology, chemistry, education or mathematical sciences. Students may not choose electives from within their major without permission from the appropriate department chair.