Major in Biology (B.S.)

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To earn the bachelor's degree in biology, students take a minimum of 20 courses (67-82 credits).

Required courses:

  • BIO111: General Biology I
  • BIO112: General Biology II
  • BIO220: Cell Biology and Chemistry
  • BIO253: Genetics: Classical, Molecular and Population
  • BIO471: Biology Seminar
  • BCH401: Biochemistry
  • CHM113: General Chemistry I
  • CHM114: General Chemistry II
  • CHM205: Organic Chemistry I
  • CHM206: Organic Chemistry II
  • MTH191: Applied Calculus I or MTH201: Calculus I
  • PHY201: General Physics I and PHY202: General Physics II or PHY205: Principles of Physics I and PHY206: Principles of Physics II
  • STA201: Statistical Methods
  • Six upper-level biology electives (at least four must have a laboratory associated with them)

Concentration in Environmental Sciences

Students pursuing a concentration in environmental sciences complete the requirements for a B.S. in biology along with the following courses, for a minimum of 22 courses (78-82 credits).

Required courses:

  • BIO255: Conservation Biology
  • BIO260: Marine Biology
  • BIO310: Ecology
  • CHM310: Environmental Chemistry

Three of the six biology electives must be chosen from the following:

  • BIO200: Botany
  • BIO210: Microbiology
  • BIO273: Flora and Fauna of New Zealand
  • BIO275: Tropical Biology
  • BIO280: Comparative Anatomy
  • BIO320: Evolution
  • BIO390: Environmental Science Internship
  • BIO497: Undergraduate Research
  • CHP290: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Concentration in Microbiology

The concentration in microbiology is designed for students who are interested in the study of microorganisms, viruses and the immune system. Students pursuing the concentration complete the requirements for a B.S. in biology along with the following courses, for a minimum of 21 courses (78 credits).

Required courses:

  • BIO210: Microbiology
  • BIO330: Pathogenic Microorganisms
  • BIO340: Parasitology
  • BIO350: Mycology
  • BIO420: Immunology
  • BIO460: Virology
  • BCH410: Pharmacology and Toxicology

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