Major in Art History (B.A.)

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To earn the bachelor’s degree in art history, students take a minimum of 17 courses (49 credits). Majors also complete an internship at an art museum, gallery, historic house or other cultural institution.

Required courses:

  • ART091: Freshman Studio Seminar
  • ART205: Art History Survey I: Prehistoric Through Gothic Art
  • ART206: Art History Survey II: Renaissance Through Early 20th Century Art
  • ART261: Photography I: A Mirror of Reality
  • ART304: Design and the 20th Century
  • ART308: Art Beyond the West
  • ART309: Pollock to the Present: The Sixties, Postmodernism and Contemporary Art
  • ART312: Art of the Classical World: Greece and Rome
  • ART313: Medieval Art from Catacombs to Cathedrals
  • ART314: Italian Renaissance Art
  • ART441: Senior Thesis Research in Art History
  • ART442: Senior Thesis Production in Art History
  • ART474: Apprenticeship/Internship in the Visual Arts
  • One studio art elective

Students also choose three of the following:

  • ART301: American Architecture Survey
  • ART302: American Decorative Arts
  • ART303: American Art (1650-1950)
  • ART305: Newport Through Its Architecture I: 1639 to 1860
  • ART306: Newport Through Its Architecture II: 1860 to Present
  • ART322: Gender and Sexuality in Art