What Can I Do With This Degree?

A degree in American studies is excellent preparation for entry into a wide range of careers and postgraduate degree programs. Employers and graduate admissions officers repeatedly seek applicants who can think critically, communicate effectively and are self-starters. With its flexible curriculum, personalized faculty mentoring, interdisciplinary approach and senior thesis project, the American studies major creates an ideal environment for students to develop those sought-after skills.

In the Workforce

  • Business: Graduates acquire the creativity, organizational skills and cultural awareness necessary for careers as successful entrepreneurs.
  • Education: Graduates are well prepared for teaching and administrative positions in primary, secondary and higher education.
  • Government: Graduates have held positions at the local, state and federal government levels.
  • Nonprofit sector: Graduates can pursue careers with advocacy organizations, electoral politics, libraries, museums, research organizations and think tanks.

Graduate and Law School

Because of their diverse range of interests, American studies majors can pursue graduate work in almost every field, including:

  • Humanities and social sciences: Graduates can pursue master’s and Ph.D. programs in American studies, ethnic studies, history, literature, political science, sociology, urban planning and urban studies.
  • Education: Graduates interested in pursuing teaching careers in primary or secondary education can earn the M.A.T., while those interested in educational research, advocacy or administration may pursue M.A., M.S., Ed.D. and Ph.D. degrees.
  • Public administration and public policy: Graduates can pursue master’s and Ph.D. programs in public administration and public policy.
  • Law school: Graduates acquire the research skills, critical analysis and clear writing necessary for the demands of law school.

Majors and Minors