Major in American Studies (B.A.)

To earn the bachelor’s degree in American studies, students take a minimum of 14 courses (42 credits).

Required American studies courses:

  • American Civilization I: Introduction to American Studies
  • American Civilization II: Theory and Practice
  • American Civilization III: Research Methods
  • American Civilization IV: Senior Seminar

Required disciplinary courses:

  • Classic American Philosophy
  • One of the following arts courses: American Art: 1650-1950, Special Topics in Film or American Music
  • One of the following cultural and historic preservation courses: Historical Archeology: Material Culture in Everyday Life or American Architecture Survey
  • One of the following literature courses: The American Literary Renaissance or Realism and Naturalism in 19th-Century American Literature
  • One of the following history courses: American Immigrant Experience or Urban America

Students choose a minimum of five additional elective courses in consultation with their adviser and with approval from the program coordinator. In addition, students produce and present an original piece of scholarly research during the fall semester of their senior year.

Majors and Minors