Recommended Laptop Program

Designed to accommodate students with varying needs, Salve Regina’s recommended laptop program offers a number of HP and Apple laptops to all enrolled students. The focus of the program is to improve the learning experience and collaborative abilities for students who are interested in participating.

To facilitate this program, Salve Regina has partnered with HP and Apple to offer students top-of-the-line laptops with extended warranties at a reduced cost.

HP laptops ship preinstalled “out of the box” with a software package that offers students the programs they will need while attending the University, including Microsoft Office. HP laptops are covered by a four-year hardware warranty as well as accidental damage protection, serviced on campus by Salve Regina employees who are authorized HP engineers.

Apple laptops do not come with a preinstalled software package, only the basic operating system. Microsoft Office can be purchased from Mail Services, located in the garden level of the McKillop Library, for a significantly reduced price of $25. Apple laptops are covered by a three-year hardware warranty, but Apple does not offer accidental damage protection. Apple laptops are serviced on campus by Salve Regina employees who are authorized Apple engineers.

Peripherals and consumables are not covered by the extended warranties.

Added value of the recommended laptop program:

  • Through the partnerships with HP and Apple, students can save a significant amount of money compared to what they would pay if they purchased their computer elsewhere.
  • The software package includes the basic elements students will need to accomplish their work, along with tools to keep their computers safe and secure.
  • Students benefit from onsite services provided by staff who are HP and Apple certified technicians. These services include hardware repair and replacement and, in extreme cases, whole unit replacement deemed necessary by the manufacturer, as well as software troubleshooting and maintenance.  
  • HP laptops are delivered with a standard Salve Regina software image, ensuring that the laptop is configured properly and the software is ready to use. It also allows the technical support staff the ability to troubleshoot certain software-related issues while helping to protect the student’s privacy. Technicians also have the ability to quickly restore students' operating systems to their original state should they have any issues while on campus.
  • The program allows participating students access to the same technology as their instructors, who utilize this technology as they produce new course materials and plan course activities.