Welcome! We are so happy that you are joining the Salve Regina family. Starting college is an exciting time for both students and their families. Our Orientation program is designed to help ease this transition and prepare you for your time with us.

Online registration is now open. You are encouraged to register immediately in order to secure your place in this session.

Register for Orientation

If you have questions or concerns, contact the Office of Student Activities at (401) 341-2915 or sruorientation@salve.edu.

Orientation FAQ

How will I know if my session has been confirmed?

You will receive an automatically generated confirmation via email, notifying you that you have successfully registered for Orientation. Once the confirmation is received, you may go ahead and make your travel arrangements.

What if I can’t attend the date listed?

If you cannot attend New Student Orientation, contact the Office of Student Activities at (401) 341-2915 or sruorientation@salve.edu.

Is there a cost for Orientation?

The cost of Orientation is included in the commitment fee, which you have already submitted. This fee includes all meals and materials for you and two family members.

When does the semester start?

Classes will begin September 6.

Who should I contact if either a family member or I need special accommodations?

Please contact the Office of Student Activities at (401) 341-2915 or email sruorientation@salve.edu.

What about textbooks?

The Rent-A-Text program offered by the Salve Regina bookstore gives you the option to rent your textbooks at a significant savings compared to the cost of purchasing a new book.

Textbooks are rented by the semester and have a final check-in date that is typically the last day of final exams. The program allows highlighting, taking notes and the normal wear and tear associated with coursework. For more information, visit www.rent-a-text.com or call the Salve Regina bookstore at (401) 847-9086.

Is there a bank on campus or nearby where I can open an account?

Yes, Santander Bank is nearby and has an ATM in Miley Hall. A second ATM is located in Wakehurst Student Center. It is not affiliated with a bank and charges $1 per transaction.