Welcome! We are so happy that you are joining the Salve Regina family. Starting college is an exciting time for both students and their families. Our Orientation program is designed to help ease this transition and prepare you for your time with us.

Online registration for our Jan. 19 Orientation session is now open. You are encouraged to register immediately in order to secure your place in this session.

Register for Orientation

If you have questions or concerns, contact the Office of Student Activities at (401) 341-2915 or sruorientation@salve.edu.

Schedule for Students and Families

The following schedule is subject to change. Check-in will begin at 8:30 a.m. at Ochre Court.

  • Check-in and services fair
  • Opening prayer, welcome and mission
  • Life in the Salve community
  • Offices of Campus Life and Safety and Security
  • Student support services session
  • Information technology session
  • Lunch
  • Academic experience and services
  • Breakout sessions for students: small group activities, new student advising sessions, registration and ID photos
  • Breakout session for families: campus tour and discussion with orientation leaders
  • Closing reception


Students attending the Jan. 19 Orientation session have the option to move in between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Jan. 18 or after Orientation concludes on Jan. 19. Students will indicate their preference when registering for Orientation in step one.

It is important to note that Salve Regina student conduct policies are in effect during Orientation. Students found in violation of these policies will be subject to disciplinary action. Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited.

Family members should make arrangements for their own accommodations in the Newport area.


New students arriving for the spring 2015 semester are assigned to housing based on the location of available beds as well as the student's individual factors. New arrivals may be placed with another new arrival or with a student who has been on, or is returning to, campus.

New students will receive their housing assignments in early January and will be notified through their Salve Regina email account. New students can check in and receive their housing key/combo at the Miley Hall garden level lounge between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Jan. 18. Students moving in on Jan. 19 will check in at the Campus Life table during the services fair.

If you have questions regarding your housing, contact the Office of Campus Life at campuslife@salve.edu or (401) 341-2210.

Orientation FAQ

How will I know if my session has been confirmed?

You will receive an automatically generated confirmation via email, notifying you that you have successfully registered for Orientation. Once the confirmation is received, you may go ahead and make your travel arrangements.

What if I can’t attend the date listed?

If you cannot attend New Student Orientation, contact the Office of Student Activities at (401) 341-2915 or sruorientation@salve.edu.

Is there a cost for Orientation?

The cost of Orientation is included in the commitment fee, which you have already submitted. This fee includes all meals and materials for you and two family members.

When does the semester start?

Classes will begin Tuesday, Jan. 20.

Who should I contact if either a family member or I need special accommodations?

Please contact the Office of Student Activities at (401) 341-2915 or email sruorientation@salve.edu.

What about textbooks?

The Rent-A-Text program offered by the Salve Regina bookstore gives you the option to rent your textbooks at a significant savings compared to the cost of purchasing a new book.

Textbooks are rented by the semester and have a final check-in date that is typically the last day of final exams. The program allows highlighting, taking notes and the normal wear and tear associated with coursework. For more information, visit www.rent-a-text.com or call the Salve Regina bookstore at (401) 847-9086.

Is there a bank on campus or nearby where I can open an account?

Yes, Santander Bank is nearby and has an ATM in Miley Hall. A second ATM is located in Wakehurst Student Center. It is not affiliated with a bank and charges $1 per transaction.

Academic Advising

Transition to Salve Regina

Students at Salve Regina are advised by full-time faculty members. Students who indicate a preference for a specific major are assigned an academic adviser in their major who is trained to respond to the needs of first-year students. Students who wish to explore various courses of study before deciding on a major are assigned a faculty adviser who is trained to help students consider their options in order to choose a program of study that best fits their interests and goals.
In addition to having a faculty advisor, all new students are placed in a First-Year Transitions (FYT) course that introduces them to learning in a university context and to various services, and within which they build a supportive community of peers to ease the transition to Salve Regina. FYT instructors serve as mentors to incoming students, an additional resource for students in their first year. Current selected students serve as FYT peer mentors and provide new students with the perspective of what it is like to be a Salve Regina student.
Transfer students are assigned a faculty adviser within their intended major. Additionally, they are placed in a FYT course designed to introduce them to Salve Regina as well as to ease the transition to a new university. Students also learn about the mission of Salve Regina.
All students are introduced to the Feinstein Enriching America Program, which supports the University mission and familiarizes new students with the larger Aquidneck Island community through opportunities for community service. Students are encouraged to begin participating in community service in their first year. All students are required to complete 10 hours of community service before graduation.

Registration for the First Semester

New Students

Students will be registered for courses based on the information provided on the course information form (step two of the online Orientation registration process). Students will have the opportunity to discuss their schedules with academic advisers during Orientation and throughout the summer.
Students' intended majors and other indicated interests are used to design schedules. Regardless of major, all Salve Regina students take courses from the Core Curriculum in subjects including anthropology, art, economics, foreign languages, history, mathematics, music, natural sciences, political science, psychology, sociology and theater. New students will also complete two University Seminars during the first year. These seminars will cover a range of topics from which students will choose based on their interests. Selection of University Seminars will occur on-site at Orientation.

Transfer Students

Transfer credit is normally granted for courses taken at other regionally accredited postsecondary institutions with a grade of C or above when the coursework is comparable to that of Salve Regina and does not duplicate another course for which credit has been granted. Transfer students receive a preliminary transfer credit evaluation during the admissions process. Transfer credit evaluation will begin upon acceptance to Salve Regina and credit will be officially granted prior to the first semester upon receipt of final college/university transcripts.
Prior to Orientation, transfer students will work with the director for student transitions from the Center for Student Development to develop a schedule and register for courses based on their intended major, transfer credits and program requirements. During Orientation, students will meet with an adviser from their academic department to review their class schedule, discuss their program of study, and finalize the registration process.

Foreign Language Placement

Two courses in the same foreign language are required, without exception. Students with three or more years of high school foreign language who wish to continue studying the same language are placed in intermediate level courses, although they may choose to begin a different language at the elementary level.

Advanced Placement Exams and Dual Credit Courses

Salve Regina will award college credit to students for Advanced Placement (AP) exams or college-level courses taken during high school. Students should indicate AP exams and/or college-level courses taken during high school on the course information form. An AP score of 3 generally earns credit; however, some departments require a score of 4. Students must request official AP scores and official college transcripts be sent to the Office of the Registrar in order to receive academic credit and to avoid taking duplicate courses.
More information on AP courses/scores and academic credit.