Circle of Scholars

Salve Regina's Circle of Scholars is a lifelong learning institute affiliated with the Elderhostel network. The Circle's mission is the fostering of joy and satisfaction in lifelong learning. Founded in 1994, the program offers seminars to members on a wide variety of subjects, including literature, history, science, health, music, art, public affairs, religion, theater and film.


Registration for the summer 2016 seminars opens on May 10. The deadline to register is Thursday, May 19.

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Circle of Scholars seminars will be cancelled whenever Salve Regina closes for weather-related or other reasons. In the event of a snowstorm or other severe weather, information on University closings will be available on local media outlets or by calling (401) 847-6650.

If an instructor chooses to cancel class due to inclement weather (even though the University may remain open) or illness, it is the responsibility of the instructor to contact seminar participants, either by telephone or email. Please do not call the Circle of Scholars office to determine whether a class will be held. Cancelled classes will be made up at the discretion of the instructor in consultation with Salve Regina and the chair of the curriculum committee.


Anyone 50 years of age and older is eligible to join the Circle of Scholars. There is no residence or formal education requirement, only a strong desire to learn, to explore new fields of knowledge and to meet new people. The membership fee is $50 for an individual or $85 for a couple, per academic year. Only members may register for seminars.

Please note that the Circle of Scholars is not accepting new members at this time. Those interested in joining may be placed on the waiting list by calling (401) 341-2120 or emailing


All members become part of the Salve Regina learning community. They are entitled to use the McKillop Library and the computer labs. Library cards may be issued upon request. Members receive a parking pass and are encouraged to attend theater productions, Pell Center lectures and other University events.

The most important benefit to members is eligibility to participate in the numerous seminars offered in the course of the academic year. Members will find not only qualified instructors, but also enthusiastic classmates who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to each seminar. Circle of Scholars members also enjoy two social events during the year: the Christmas reception and the spring luncheon following the annual meeting.