Help Desk

The Help Desk supports the technology needs of students, faculty and staff and seeks to provide assistance in a timely manner. Help Desk staff and student employees are skilled in troubleshooting various software and hardware technologies for Mac and HP users.

The Help Desk is located in the McKillop Library, Room 008 (garden level). In addition, the Office of Information Technology provides Salve Regina ID card support services in the McKillop Library, Room 002.

All technology questions should be submitted to the Help Desk via phone or email to receive the most timely response and resolution. Updated information regarding technology workshops and maintenance to online systems such as My Salve and WebMail can be found on the office's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Tech Tips

Connecting to Salve Regina's Wireless Network

To connect to the campus network, computers must meet certain requirements, including having up-to-date antivirus software installed. If you do not have antivirus software installed, we recommend Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7 operating systems, Microsoft Defender for Windows 8 operating systems and Sophos Antivirus for Mac operating systems. For assistance installing antivirus software, call the Help Desk at (401) 341-7777 Option 2.

Students, faculty and staff connect to SRU-Community and have unlimited access as long as the computer or device is connected to the network every 30 days. (You will need your Salve Regina username and password to access the links below.)

Guests of the University connect to SRU-Guests and have one week's access as long as their computer's software is compliant.

Student Pharos Printing

Full-time students may print 200 black-and-white pages per semester. Additional pages are 10 cents for black and white and 25 cents for color. Charges are assessed at the end of each semester and are included in the tuition bill.

The Pharos printing solution allows students to submit print jobs and then release them at card swipe printers using their Salve Regina ID card. Card swipe printers are located in the McKillop Library, O’Hare Academic Center and Wakehurst, as well as the computer labs in the Antone Academic Center. (You will need your Salve Regina username and password to access the links below.)

Setting Up Your Salve Regina Account or Changing Your Salve Regina Password on a Mobile Device

Mobile devices can be synchronized with your Salve Regina email account. This includes Android smartphones and tablets, Apple iPhones and iPads and BlackBerry smartphones. For assistance with Android, Microsoft and other devices, or if you are an Apple user and are unable to reset your password using the instructions below, call the Help Desk at (401) 341-7777, option 2.

Mobile users can access Salve Regina resources through the Canvas and Ellucian GO apps. Users can access these applications through their device's app store, and should remember that not all of the functionality of desktop/laptop software is available on mobile devices.

Changing Your Salve Regina Password

Salve Regina requires passwords to be at least eight characters in length. Passwords may include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers or symbols. Your new password must be different from your existing password. New members of the University community should reset their password after receiving their initial credentials in order to protect their account and educational information.

Cox Cable TV Service

Television service in the residence halls is provided by Cox Communications and the cost is included in the room and board fee. All channels in the Expanded Basic Package are included. Premium and pay-per-view channels are not available on campus. Students are responsible for bringing a cable- ready TV, a coax cable and either a second coax cable for standard definition service or an HDMI cable for high definition service.

  • Making the connection: After your cable mini-box is connected to the wall jack with a coax cable, attach your TV to the cable mini-box with a coax cable for standard definition service or an HDMI cable for high definition service. Using the remote control, make sure the TV is set to "cable." You may need to program it to recognize the working channels on Salve Regina's system. For specific instructions, consult your owner's manual.
  • Contacting Cox Communications: If you are not receiving a signal and have verified that your TV is set to the "cable" setting and your coax cable is properly connected, call Cox support at (866) 402-0901. The technician will need the serial number on your cable mini-box (located on the bottom of the unit) and may ask to check certain items on the TV or even try another working TV with your connection before scheduling a repair. If you miss the appointment, you will be charged $75 for a missed service call. Cox is not responsible for repairing, installing or configuring your television.
  • Charges for Cox service calls: There is no cost for a service call unless the problem was found to be caused by improper installation, configuration or a malfunction with your TV set or coax cable. In this case, a $75 service fee will be charged to your Salve Regina account.