The human resources strategic plan, which complements the University's strategic plan, specifies achievement of the following training objectives and initiatives:

  • Utilize online systems to ensure that faculty and staff are aware of training opportunities.
  • Survey faculty and staff concerning the types of training they need to be effective in their roles and deliver cost-effective training to address these needs.
  • Provide opportunities and initiatives to add and support diversity among faculty and staff, helping to increase understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness of each person.
  • In partnership with the University Computer Labs, offer training to ensure that faculty and staff maintain technological and information fluency in the programs needed to engage in a globally networked society, communicate effectively and remain competitive in their roles at the University.

New Employee Orientation

A concerted effort is made to welcome new employees to the Salve Regina community. While certain administrative tasks need to be addressed on the first day, research shows that an orientation that takes place over time is most effective in assisting employees in assimilating to the culture of an organization.

New employee orientation is normally held in September, January and April. Representatives from various offices discuss the University mission; policies and procedures concerning human resources, purchasing, booking conference space, information technology and University correspondence; safety and security concerns; and general admissions information. Employees complete the required harassment prevention training during the session and finish the morning with a luncheon.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training

As an employer, Salve Regina is required by law to have a written policy concerning sexual harassment and to make employees aware of that policy. To ensure that employees fully understand these policies and discrimination in all its forms, Salve Regina mandates that all new faculty and staff attend one of these training sessions. Harassment prevention training is also available in an online, Web-based format for employees who cannot attend a regular classroom presentation.

Just for Supervisors

There are many concerns and issues that are unique to supervisors. The Office of Human Resources has developed a series of workshops to address these topics. Supervisors are apprised of the spring training dates.

Digital Literacy and Technology Training

The staff of the University Computer Labs, part of the Office of Information Technologies, works with the Office of Human Resources to keep Salve Regina's faculty and staff updated on the technology needed to stay current. Training is focused on assisting faculty and staff with their proficiency in the latest application software and operating systems available in these times of rapid technological advancements.

Digital literacy, including the Microsoft Office suite, Web technologies, multimedia training, basic computer competency and certification credentials, among others, is taught monthly in a hands-on lab environment to promote the University's mission of lifelong learning. In addition, department-specific training is offered by special arrangement. Training is published on SALVEtoday, included in the event calendar and published by human resources in its monthly newsletter. Managers should contact Dan Titus at (401) 341-2451 to schedule a training time.