Required Employee Training

All Salve Regina employees, including staff, faculty and adjunct faculty, are required to complete training on the topics listed below.

Mandatory Reporting

This online training is designed to inform employees about their duty to report certain behaviors and aligns with the University's mandatory reporting policy. The training comprehensively covers reporting of sex and gender discrimination incidents, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, bullying, stalking and related behaviors, thus satisfying the expectations of Title IX and Title VII. The training also addresses the reporting of crimes and crime statistics for Clery Act compliance, when those crimes intersect with Title IX and Title VII.

Workplace Harassment Fundamentals

Training employees to prevent workplace harassment is both a legal mandate and the right thing to do. This blended learning program is based on insights gained from hundreds of harassment claims at educational institutions and reflects real-life scenarios to engage faculty and staff. The program includes numerous resources, including tools to address diverse learning styles.

Campus SaVE Act

The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act imposes expanded crime reporting obligations, and even more significant in the long run, it requires institutions to implement specific policies, procedures and training related to sexual violence and intimate partner violence. This training helps employees:

  • Recognize and prevent specific types of sexual violence offenses
  • Become familiar with the warning signs of abuse
  • Understand their role in bystander intervention
  • With the steps they should take if they are a victim of sexual violence

Workplace harassment fundamentals and Campus SaVE Act training align with Salve Regina's sexual harassment and sexual violence policy and procedures.