M.A. in Holistic Counseling and CAGS in Mental Health: Concentration in Holistic Counseling

The 60-credit M.A. and CAGS program in mental health with a concentration in holistic counseling offers the coursework needed to sit for the licensure exam as a mental health counselor.

To earn this degree and certificate, students complete courses in holistic counseling along with two advanced internship seminars and an additional 1,000-hour internship.

Upon graduation, the Rhode Island Board of Mental Health Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists requires a candidate for licensure to complete two years (2,000 hours) of relevant counseling experience in the workplace, and to receive 100 hours of clinical supervision from a board-approved supervisor.      

Required courses:

  • HLC500: Research Methods or HLC512: Evaluation
  • HLC504: Foundations of Counseling and Leadership Theory From a Holistic Perspective
  • HLC505: Interpersonal Helping Skills
  • HLC507: Toward Synthesis: The Body/Mind Connection
  • HLC508: Human Growth and Development
  • HLC509: Theories of Counseling
  • HLC513: Couple and Family Counseling
  • HLC515: Assessment and Treatment Planning
  • HLC516: Group Process
  • HLC530: Practicum in Counseling I
  • HLC531: Practicum in Counseling II
  • HLC540: Psychological Health and the Search for Meaning
  • HLC570: Internship and Seminar I
  • HLC571: Internship and Seminar II
  • HLC600: Career Counseling
  • HLC601: Cross-Cultural Issues in Counseling
  • HLC608: Advanced Internship I
  • HLC609: Advanced Internship II

Students also choose six credits from the following:

  • HLC579: Grief Counseling
  • HLC582: Introduction to the Expressive and Creative Arts as Transformation
  • HLC584: Movement, Creativity and Consciousness
  • HLC585: Crisis Intervention
  • HLL519: Introduction to Holistic Leadership Perspectives

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