Holistic Studies

Our graduate programs in holistic studies - including the holistic counseling, holistic leadership and expressive and creative arts programs - develop skilled professionals who take a holistic approach to their work as counselors and leadership specialists. They recognize that the integration of body, mind and spirit is crucial to both a person and organization's well being.

Our programs help students hone the communication, critical thinking, interpersonal and problem-solving skills needed to successfully facilitate change, healing and self-discovery and to lead individuals, groups and larger organizations in today's ever-changing world.

Our curriculum is based on a helix model consisting of five levels: personal development skills, one-to-one consultation skills, small system skills, large system skills and global system skills. Students learn that the interconnectedness of persons and systems is an essential expression of personal health.

Graduates are prepared to work in a variety of fields, including business, education, government, human services and medical care giving. With classes offered at our Newport campus, our program is designed to meet the time demands of our working students.

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Course Spotlight

The Psychology of Group Process

Graduate Program in Holistic Counseling

The study of small groups is multifaceted and cuts across many social science disciplines. This course provides a framework through which to view group development as it applies to the helping professions. The course provides practical experience in group process, group interventions and group facilitation. Students learn to identify different group types, establish group norms, understand the evolution of a typical group and become familiar with ethical issues and standards of practice in group work. Students practice leading...